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Holly Willoughby left shocked as Phillip Schofield furiously tells bridesmaid to get ‘on your bike’

This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield was left fuming by the story of a bridesmaid who hasn’t been returning a bride’s messages for over a year, leaving his co-host Holly Willoughby shocked by his fury.

On Tuesday’s edition of the ITV talk show, Phillip, Holly and Vanessa Feltz received a call from a woman called Lydia, who said that she’s had to rearrange her wedding five times due to the coronavirus pandemic.

‘I’ve got three bridesmaids, two of them have been fantastic and the third one ever since February last year I’ve hardly heard from her,’ Lydia said.

She explained that while the bridesmaids agreed to pay for adjustments to their dresses, as the bride and groom paid for the gowns in the first place, the bridesmaid in question – a family friend who she’s known since early childhood – did not.

Despite her mum stepping in to ask the bridesmaid’s mother what’s going on, Lydia added: ‘She’s just not even speaking to me,’ saying that it could be ‘something to do with her new boyfriend’.

After hearing the story, Phillip had no doubt about how he felt about the situation, stating: ‘If she’s not that fussed about it all then biff her. Get someone else!’

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Phillip couldn’t believe what he was hearing (Picture: ITV)

Vanessa agreed, advising that Lydia ‘de-bridesmaid’ the member of her wedding party.

Holly appeared quite uncomfortable by their harsh remarks, asking: ‘How do you biff a bridesmaid?’

Phillip became even more riled up, telling Lydia: ‘She is being unreasonable. You’re not being unreasonable.’

Holly asked whether they meant that the bridesmaid should have her invitation to the wedding revoked.

‘No, you don’t dis-invite her from the wedding, but you say I’m going to give the bridesmaid job to someone who gives a damn!’ Phillip replied, prompting Holly to gasp, looking absolutely stunned.

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Holly was taken aback by Phillip’s view on the situation (Picture: ITV)

‘It’s meant to be an honour, she’s not treating it as such,’ Vanessa remarked.

Holly continued to come to the bridesmaid’s defence, stating: ‘I think you’re judging a whole lifetime of friendship on the last year, which has been really difficult for everybody.’

However, Lydia then revealed that in addition to the stress she had already spoken about, the bridesmaid also told her to ‘rearrange my whole wedding to suit her’,

‘On your bike love!’ Phillip declared, while Vanessa said that she ‘forfeited the right to bridesmaid-dom’.

Phillip advised that Lydia try not to fall out with the bridesmaid, because ‘life’s too short for that’.

‘But just if you do it in a gentle way and say, “Listen, I think that the way it’s all working out, obviously you’re busy, and this is not something that you’re that interested in, so let’s leave that. I look forward to seeing you on the day, it’ll be absolutely amazing, but I’m going to give the job to someone who cares,”‘ he said.

He and Holly burst out laughing, before Phillip added that it would probably be best that Lydia leave that last part out.

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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