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Holly Willoughby’s dog Bailey wreaks havoc in garden – and her muddy, guilty expression says it all

Holly Willoughby’s gorgeous puppy Bailey absolutely wreaked havoc in her garden this week – and her muddy, guilty expression says it all!

The 41-year-old This Morning presenter has shared a hilarious video to her Instagram account featuring Bailey on Wednesday, who had trashed the garden and was covered in mud.

Holly suffered a nightmare, when the cheeky golden retriever ripped up all her flower pots, before lying in the soil and covering herself in mud.

Exactly what humpday called for!

As her visibly guilt-ridden dog lowered her head, the ITV star panned her camera back to her empty garden bed, revealing that there was soil strewn everywhere, and plants scattered across her pristine lawn.

Quite aptly, Holly superimposed the famous TikTok song Oh No over the top of the video, which has achieved nearly 56,000 likes.

Holly’s dog Bailey is at it again… (Picture: Instagram/Holly Willoughby)
Holly’s flower bed was ruined (Picture: Instagram/Holly Willoughby)

The star didn’t seem pleased by the dog, captioning the video alongside the post: ‘Bailey!!!!!’

This isn’t the first time that Bailey has caused havoc, as earlier this year she ‘ate’ Holly’s vacuum cleaner.

Holly had taken up a spot of spring cleaning while taking to Instagram to share a picture of her dismantled Dyson as she set out to give the parts a good clean.

However, things went very wrong after the puppy got hold of parts of the vacuum, and proceeded to chew them up, destroying the appliance in the process.

Holly has spoken before about her dog causing havoc (Picture: Good Morning Britain)

She shared a photo of the growing dog looking on guiltily at pieces of mangled plastic on the floor as Holly told her followers: ‘Dyson update… my dog ate my hoover…’

Her fans were quick to share their amusement at the incident, writing: ‘OMG, good way to get out of hoovering!’

Other fans sympathised with Holly, while some rushed to Bailey’s defence, with one penning: ‘But you can’t be mad with that gorgeous face.’

Another added: ‘No one likes hoovering, he’s done you a favour!’

Bailey is a well-established trouble-maker (Picture: Instagram/Holly Willoughby)

Holly and her family adopted the golden retriever last year, however, she previously opened up to reveal that she was a bit smelly.

At the time, the new dog owner said: ‘Before I saw her, I could smell her. I lifted the flap and I swear to God it was like something out of a horror movie.

‘She was covered in her own s**t. She’d gone from white and perfect to just stinky and smelly. I looked and thought “if I let you out you’re going to run through and cover the whole house in this.”‘

In November, Bailey also joined Holly and Phillip Schofield to co-host This Morning.

At the time, she showed off just how well trained Bailey was, however, she also admitted that since she’d adopted her, she hadn’t had much sleep.

Speaking on the show, she said: ‘I’m delighted to introduce you to the newest member of my family.

‘This is Bailey, who has sort of fallen asleep!’


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