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Is Joe Lycett still called Hugo Boss?

Joe pulled the stunt for his consumer rights show in 2020 (Picture: C4)

Joe Lycett will be back on screens with a new series of his Channel 4 consumer rights show Got Your Back this evening – but is his name still Hugo Boss?

The funnyman is a regular on panel shows and has become much-loved by UK audiences.

And he proved his commitment to those who watched his Got Your Back programme last year by changing his name to Hugo Boss to prove a point to the German company.

With Joe back tonight on screens to try and serve justice, many fans want to know whether he ever changed his name back to Joe Lycett.

Why did Joe Lycett change his name to Hugo Boss?

Joe Lycett is best known for being a comedian, but he also fronts a show called Got Your Back on Channel 4.

The series helps members of the public get wins against corporate giants who are taking advantage of their customers.

Hugo Boss called police on Joe last year when he drew attention to their behaviour: (Channel 4)

Joe became embroiled in a feud with Hugo Boss after he discovered the fashion house had been sending cease-and-desist letters to small companies with the word ‘boss’ in their names.

For example, a Welsh brewery was one of the unlucky recipients of an angry letter from the company.

In last year’s series of Got Your Back, Joe took his unconventional methods one step further to ensure Hugo Boss would listen.

He told his Twitter followers at the time: ’So @HUGOBOSS who turnover approx $2.7 billion a year) have sent cease & desist letters to a number of small businesses & charities who use the word ‘BOSS’ or similar, including a small brewery in Swansea costing them thousands in legal fees and rebranding.

‘It’s clear that @HUGOBOSS HATES people using their name. Unfortunately for them this week I legally changed my name by deed poll and I am now officially known as Hugo Boss.

‘All future statements from me are not from Joe Lycett but from Hugo Boss. Enjoy.’

Joe even ended the deed poll form with a delightfully rude signature to show the company his commitment to the stunt.

Is Joe Lycett still called Hugo Boss?

Joe didn’t instantly change his name back after well and truly proving his point,

However, he decided to change his name back to Joe Lycett (officially) after winning the fight for his viewers.

Joe updated his Twitter followers on what had happened a few weeks later.

He said: ‘A little over a month ago I changed my name by deed poll to Hugo Boss.

‘This was to raise awareness about the fact that fashion behemoth Hugo Boss have issued cease and desist letters to small businesses that have the word ‘Boss’ in their name, including independent Swansea brewery, Boss Brewing.

‘And raise awareness it did – it became world news with headlines across the globe and also Dick n Dom from da Bungalow said I should be knighted.’

But he admitted to fans after his stellar efforts: ‘It’s time for me to return to Joe Lycett.’

Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back airs tonight at 8pm on Channel 4. 

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