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Is Richard Madeley the best GMB can do?

My Celebrity Life –
Richard is tipped to helm GMB… is that good? (Picture: ITV)

Strap yourselves in: It’s been feverishly claimed Richard Madeley is set to permanently take up the seat Piers Morgan left in March on Good Morning Britain.

After a revolving roll call of presenters joined host Susanna Reid on the ITV morning desk following Piers’s dramatic exit, chatters of Richard taking his spot have never been louder. It’s deafening. It’s annoying is also what it is.

While the reported deal has not yet been confirmed by ITV nor the man himself, most recent reports, which he has addressed on screen this week, claim he’ll join the show for realsies after returning from I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!, where he’s rumoured to be joining the castle cast in Wales next month. So many ruddy rumours.

Addressing the whispers on GMB this week, Richard bumbled his way through explaining he would be appearing on the show down the line ‘along with lots of other people’, claiming the permanent hosting headline was merely someone putting two and two together and getting five.

Susanna, a little more teasing, added she could ‘neither confirm nor deny’ the rumours.

But, and this is why I’ve brought you here today, is Richard the host we need right now? Is that the best we can get?

I mean, it’s laughable. Tell me I’m not going mad here.

My Celebrity Life –
He lands the quirky quips next to a more serious Susanna (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV)

I’m not saying he’s the worst guy for the job, and I’d imagine many viewers would be welcoming him with open arms after Piers’s controversial exit (in fact, he definitely has his fans, as I can see on Twitter), but to me he’s like an awkward, more odd Piers who has become known more for his patronising quips than helming the show with any sort of sturdy gravitas.

Each week there is something new. From calling Angela Rayner Sir Keir Starmer’s ‘best girl’, to asking a victim of drink spiking what she did to prevent said spiking, his lack of filter is on the ‘heck no’ end of the ‘saying it like it is’ spectrum.

Jeez, the man didn’t even realise his guest was sitting next to him in the studio recently, and instead addressed him down the camera like he was on video.

What is he like?

After Piers’s tens of thousands of Ofcom complaints and the constant criticism of his interviewing technique, is this ITV’s way of softening the seat?

Sure he’s controversial and some of the things he says offend many, but not, like, everyone, so the world moves on.

But is it too much to ask the flagship programme of a major British broadcaster to hire someone who doesn’t patronise serious guests by calling them ‘darling’, or share more Alan Partridge-isms than is deemed even remotely comfortable on breakfast news telly?

Look, nothing against the guy, I’m sure Richard is a lovely man and there is a reason he has had a successful place in UK showbusiness for decades now, but there’s got to be better. Or at least, more thoughtful hiring going on here.

To borrow, and rip apart, a quote from the great minds at DC, he’s not the host we need – but he’s evidently what we deserve. And thus, the state of morning TV has taken a turn for the weird.

Speculation of his hiring is not new, but Richard’s also not been without competition, with BBC’s Huw Edwards recently rumoured to step into Piers’s old seat.

Sources say Richard has proven to be a ‘hit with viewers’ (a quick search on Twitter also proferred the suggestion from one, that watching him on GMB was the ‘broadcasting equivalent of having your teeth removed with pliers’) but arguably Martin Lewis and Adil Ray were a ruddy hit with viewers when they co-hosted the programme.

Twitter was awash with fans who called for Money Saving Expert’s money saving expert Martin to helm the show and he showed he had the chops to hold guests to account and get to the crux of a testing interview. Same with Adil, who was seemingly incredibly liked by viewers.

So why Richard?

Despite so many sharing on social media they now tune into the radio (what a rogue concept) when Richard is on, it’s clear he’s got his niche and, at the very least, people are keen to catch whatever ridiculousness is offered each morning.

Now I’m no TV producer, but surely that’s not what you want from a programme such as GMB. It makes a mockery of everything that the show stands for, right?

Sadly it doesn’t take someone with so-called insider knowledge to know the controversy brings in the viewers and the headlines. We can’t get enough of car crash television. We hate it when things are going well. We suck.

I can guarantee any piece about a celebrity feud or faux pas will leave any more positive or complimentary yarn for dust. Why click on a lovely story about a Strictly couple acing their dance when you can swoop down on another rumour around the ‘Strictly curse’? People often ask why outlets cover these sorts of lines and it’s because you all click on them. We’re our own worst enemy and of course it’s no different in TV land.

Who can resist the come hither of the kind of revenue potential GMB would bring with Richard and his wacky quips constantly in the spotlight?

I’m not a celebrity, but, please, for the love of god, get me out of here.


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