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‘It feels like my teeth are sweating’: MasterChef judges cry out in pain as they try world’s hottest chillies


MasterChef Australia judges are made of tough stuff as they bit the bullet, so to speak, by trying the world’s hottest chillies on camera.

And, we have to say, this did not look like a fun thing to do, with Andy Allen and Melissa Leong crying out as they bit down on the spicy delights in this week’s instalment Down Under.

There’s turning up the heat in the kitchen, and then there’s this.

In this week’s episode which aired in Australia, branded the Chilli Challenge for good reason, the remaining contestants were presented with eight of the hottest chillies going – with the mildest one revealed to be more than 60 times hotter than jalapeño. The mildest one.

The Scoville scale is used to measure the heat of chillies, with judge Jock Zonfrillo explaining the heat of the Orange Bhut Jolokia chilli, as well as the White Bhut Jolokia, came in at around the 1million Scoville mark.

Cute, right?

The chillies were not for the faint of heart…or mouth (Picture: Ten)

Then we have the Lemon Blast (which raises the stakes at 1.3m), Chocolate Trinidad Scorpion, the God Stopper (what a name), the Moruga Red Trinidad Scorpion, the Hurt Berry and finally the Carolina Reaper which is a tingling 2.2m on the scale and our eyes are watering at the mere thought.

As the contestants picked their chilli of choice and prepared to taste – with yoghurt and milk on standby for very obvious reasons – the judges decided it was hardly fair for them to make the hopefuls pop one down the gullet without them also giving it a go.

Jock declares to his fellow judges: ‘All right, let’s try some’, as he hands Andy a ‘sliver’ of the God Stopper.

‘I wouldn’t call these slivers…they’re more chunks,’ Andy nervously said as he prepared to pop a segment in the mouth.

The chillies barely pass their lips before the judges are in pain – and it shows on the face immediately – with Melissa screaming out.

Poor Andy really struggled, too, requesting the yoghurt immediately, as he said: ‘It feels like my teeth are sweating.’

‘Do you want a cuddle? Do you want some more?’ Jock teased, as Andy paces around the set.

Honestly, these poor judges should have known what they were getting themself in for when they were forced to pick up the chillies with metal tweezers – as the contestants prepared their dishes by donning gloves and safety goggles.

As they say, if you can’t handle the heat…

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