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KUWTK reunion: The biggest revelations from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s divorce to biggest regrets

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Keeping Up With The Kardashians may be over but the two-part reunion special still managed to surprise us with some brand new revelations.

Just when we all thought there was nothing more we could possibly know about the famous family, consisting on Kim, Kourtney, Rob and Khloe Kardashian and Kris, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, they continued to surprise us to the very end.

From revelations about Kim Kardashian’s divorce to her biggest regret, Kris Jenner’s divorce from Caitlyn Jenner and the truth about Kylie Jenner’s lips, here’s everything we learned from the reunion.

Kim Kardashian reveals the reasons for her split from Kanye West

Kim, 40, and Kanye, 44, announced they were divorcing in February after six years of marriage, and the reality star has finally opened up on the reasons for their separation.

While she would not go into the details of the split, Kim revealed: ‘I honestly don’t think I would say it here on TV, but it was not one specific thing that happened on either part.

‘It was just a general difference of opinions on a few things that led to this decision and in no way would I want someone to think I didn’t give it my all, or not really try.’

She added: ‘I will forever be Kanye’s biggest fan. He’s the father of my kids. Kanye will always be family.’

Kim’s one regret is her sex tape but she doesn’t think KUWTK would be what it is without it

Kim made headlines in 2007 when a video of her and ex-boyfriend Ray J was leaked, and the mother of four admits that is the one thing she regrets in her life.

She said on the special: ‘That is something I have to live with for the rest of my life. That is something that’s like, held over my head.

‘I try not to have any regrets but it’s probably the one thing I wish didn’t exist and if I could erase any of the stupid things I’ve done in life, that’s probably it.’

Kris Jenner thinks she and Caitlyn Jenner would have split regardless of her transition

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Kris, 65, and Caitlyn, 71, had been married for over 20 years, but the pair split in 2015, around the same time Caitlyn revealed she was transitioning.

The momager has since spoken out about the pair’s break-up to confirm that it would have happened regardless of the transition as they had grown apart.

She revealed: ‘I think that we had a lot of really great years. I think that everything also is meant to be, and I think what was meant to be out of that relationship was Kendall and Kylie.

‘Without that, I wouldn’t have one sixth and one sixth of my heart sitting here. And that I’m so grateful for and feel like it was such a blessing.’

Kylie Jenner got honest about her lip insecurities

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Kylie, 23, may have built a hugely successful business from her lip products, but the make-up line only came about due to her insecurities about her own lips.

She admitted: ‘I had an insecurity because this guy said something to me one time. Then I got an obsession with makeup because I would overline my lips and it just made me feel confident. I obviously don’t think about it now.’

Kim and Kourtney’s fight in season 18 almost didn’t make it to air

Kim and Kourtney almost coming to blows over their roles on the show in 2020 almost got cut from the final edit on the sisters’ request.

The argument only made it to air as a representative from E! was there to witness it take place first hand.

Khloe explained: ‘They didn’t want it shown but also an E! rep was there and they knew what happened.’

Kim Kardashian went through with her wedding to Kris Hughes so she wouldn’t be a ‘runaway bride’

Kim revealed she had had her doubts before marrying basketball player Kris Humphries in a lavish ceremony in 2011, before they called off their marriage 72 days later.

She admitted to almost calling it off the night before the wedding but didn’t want to be known as a ‘runaway bride’ so went through with it anyway.

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