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Line of Duty: Who is Jo Davidson related to? All the clues and theories

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The mother of all cliffhangers aired on Sunday’s show (Picture: BBC)

*Warning: This article contains major spoilers for Line of Duty*

Line of Duty served up one of the all-time great episodes on Sunday night, and ended on a huge cliff-hanger which had viewers tearing their hair out.

The most recent instalment closed with the revelation that Jo (played by Kelly Macdonald) is related to another person found in police records.

Fans have been desperately trying to work out whose photo Spt. Ted Hastings was presented with at the end of episode four, which showed who the blood relative of DCI Joanne Davidson was.

The findings came after forensics scoured Farida Jatri’s (Anneika Rose) flat and found DNA matching a mystery person known to AC-12 – but who could it be?

Fans have been speculating and sharing theories online about who the mystery DNA match is. Here are some of the names viewers believe could be related to Jo.

Tommy Hunter

My Celebrity Life –

Could Jo be related to Tommy? (Picture: BBC)

Criminal mastermind Tommy was one of the most twisted characters on the show, and dominated the events of the first few series by pulling strings in the background. He also groomed Matthew ‘Dot’ Cottan into becoming the OCG’s man on the inside AC-12.

When fans took to Twitter to share their theories after Sunday’s episode, a large number believing that Jo is in fact Tommy’s daughter.

Viewers are suggesting that Tommy’s family connection could have got Jo involved with the OCG in the first place. There’s also the more obvious fact that both Tommy and Jo are both Scottish – although that could of course be a red herring.

Could the pair be related? We’ll have to wait and see.

John Corbett

My Celebrity Life –

Viewers believe John could be the DNA match (Picture: BBC)

The twist marks the biggest moment of the series so far, but viewers spotted a piece of evidence way back in episode one which could explain everything.

The episode saw Jo return home after collecting her things from her ex-partner Farida and stare intently at a picture, which showed two women.

Taking to Twitter after the episode, viewers began speculating about the significance of the image. Some believe the women in the photograph to be Jo and her mum – but who could her mum be?

‘So, could Joanna Davidson’s mum be Anne Marie McGillis, who was the informant killed in Northern Ireland on Hastings’ watch?’ one viewer wrote at the time.

‘You may also remember her as the mother of John Corbett from S5.’


Fans will remember John was played by Stephen Graham in the previous series of Line of Duty. Could it be John who Jo is related to, making him her step-brother?

While the pair certainly sound very different, John was adopted and then moved to Liverpool, which would explain their different accents. We’ve also seen a lot of John’s wife Stephanie this series, which could suggest John has a bigger role to play yet.

Jackie Laverty

My Celebrity Life –

Could Joanne Davidson be related to series one star Jackie? (Picture: BBC)

We previously discovered that Jackie Laverty’s frozen corpse was kept by the OCG at Terry Boyle’s flat for seven years, and she continues to be a name connected with the series since way back in series one.

As fans who have watched since series one will remember, Jackie laundered money for organised crime until her death, but could she have a deeper connection to series six?

As the new series continues to hark back to previous plot lines and characters, a number of fans online believe the show could surprise us all by revealing that Jo and Jackie are related.

Despite a vague similarity in looks, there’s not an awful lot to link them, but on Line of Duty nothing is ever certain.

Lindsay Denton

My Celebrity Life –

Is Lindsay Denton making a return? (Picture: BBC)

There isn’t much evidence to support a theory that Jo is related to Steve’s greatest frenemy Lindsay Denton – brilliantly played by Keeley Hawes – but we have to admit it would be a revelation we’d love to see.

Taking to Twitter, one fan said: ‘Jo [Davidson] is gonna be related to Linsey Denton, I just feel it.’

Could they be sisters, perhaps? It would be the plot twist of the century, but we’d always welcome the return of one of the most compelling characters on TV from recent times.

Line of Duty continues on Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

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