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Line Of Duty: Who plays Chris Lomax and where have you seen him before?

The actor who plays Detective Sergeant Chris Lomax has graced our screens before (Picture: BBC/World Productions)

Eagle-eyed Line Of Duty fans may have noticed that Detective Sergeant Chris Lomax (Perry Fitzpatrick) has graced our screens before.

Lomax is currently in the spotlight after fans noticed a sign that he could be a bent copper in scenes that aired last Sunday night.

AC-12’s Chloe Bishop (Shalom Brune-Franklin) investigated the death of Lawrence Christopher, a black man who was killed in police custody in 2003.

Chloe revealed a snapshot of the gang members involved in the death, which creator Jed Mercrurio based on the real-life cases of Stephen Lawrence and Christopher Alder, and viewers spotted Lomax in the line-up.

Before he became known as an investigative officer at Hillside Lane Station, the 37-year-old actor from Nottingham also starred in a variety of other TV shows.

Who plays Chris Lomax in Line Of Duty?

While this is his first appearance on Line of Duty, Perry is already good friends with DI Kate Fleming actress Vicky McClure.

Lomax is currently in the spotlight after fans notice that he could be a rotten cop (Picture: BBC)

Perry and Vicky starred in I Am Nicola together (Picture: Channel 4)

The pair both attended The Television Workshop in their home city of Nottingham when they were 11 years old.

They have been best friends for more than 20 years, with their families remaining close friends too.

Perry insists there has never been any romance between the pair off-screen but said their characters could get close on the show.

He previously told The Sun: ‘We’re not entirely sure where our characters are going to end up and what we’re going to do ourselves. We get drip-fed the scripts, we don’t get given the entire story all at one go.

‘But me and Vicky, we’ve been best mates for 20-odd years and, no, we’ve never gone out with each other.

‘We’re so close, we’re more like brother and sister and our families know each other, so I think it would be weird if we did.’


Where have you seen Perry Fitzpatrick before?

Even though DS Chris Lomax is Perry’s breakthrough role, he has also appeared in other iconic English shows.

If you’re a fan of Shane Meadow’s This Is England ’86 and its spin-off series This Is England ’90, you might recognise Perry as his character Flip.

He is a leader of the local moped gang and is the main antagonist to Shaun Fields (Thomas Turgoose) in This Is England ’86. He later appears alongside Higgy (Joe Dempsie) in This Is England ’90 where they have made amends with a lot of the main characters.

He has also starred alongside Vicky in the Channel 4 drama I Am Nicola where the pair played husband and wife.

Perry played Flip in This Is England ’86 and its spin-off series This Is England ’90 (Picture: Channel 4)

Perry also played an important part in the Downton Abbey film (Picture: ITV)

Vicky plays Nicola, a hairdresser who seems to be irritated by the unavoidable boredom of a long-term relationship. At first her boyfriend Adam (Perry) seems to be a good man but soon this unravels and you soon see Adam for the abusive man that he is.

Before Perry was cast in I Am Nicola, it was actually Vicky that suggested he would be the best fit for the part.

‘I remember saying to Dominic [Savage] that if I had my way I’d love to cast somebody that I know, and I’m good pals with Perry… just know that he’s never had the opportunity to be a leading man and being that I’ve known him so long I feel he deserves it,’ Vicky said during a press screening attended by Bustle UK.

Perry also played an important part in the Downton Abbey film. In case you missed it, he was cast as Thomas Barrow’s (Rob James-Collier) companion in the film and gave him a peek into York’s underground gay scene.

You may recall when Webster takes Barrow to a secret gay nightclub, where they dance together until the cops arrive and break up the crowd, arresting everyone in attendance.

Line Of Duty airs Sundays at 9pm on BBC One.

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