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Love Island 2021: Tyler Cruickshank criticised by body language expert for not sticking up for Kaz Kamwi in Aaron Simpson spat

Love Island’s Tyler Cruickshank might struggle to keep up with Kaz Kamwi if they continue their relationship outside the villa.

Viewers loved seeing how Kaz handled a row with Aaron Simpson after he pulled her and Tyler for chat before a public vote (which sent Brett Staniland and Priya Gopaldas packing).

Body language expert Judi James feels Tyler ‘doesn’t know how to deal with’ someone as eloquent as Kaz and criticised his failure to speak up in her defence during the spat.

Her impression during the scenes, she explained, was that Tyler was only willing to take on Aaron man to man.

The islander has ‘a lot to learn’ if he wants things to work with Kaz in the future, she added.

Speaking to on the latest Love or Lie Island. Judi broke it down saying: ‘I think Kaz is probably not the woman that he’s used to. I don’t think Tyler knows how to deal with Kaz.

‘She will take over an argument. We saw her being very eloquent, very strong. I felt in a way that Aaron was ignoring her as though she wasn’t that important and he wanted to have a conversation with Tyler.

‘I don’t think Tyler did much to get rid of that sense. I know he’s on Kaz’s side, she didn’t need support, but he didn’t use many non-verbal rituals to show a respect for her while she was talking.

‘It was almost like the two guys couldn’t wait to get back to her man row. He may have done that because he wanted to defend her but I think he’s got a lot to learn about Kaz and maybe dealing with a woman who has got that level of confidence and that level of eloquence.’

She continued: ‘I felt he didn’t quite know where to go with that one but it went to a wrong place for me. It did look as though she was butting into a man’s row, and everybody will recognise scenarios like that from boardrooms at work where you speak and they want to get back to their conversation.

‘It’s an unpleasant feeling when you get that, and good for her, for carrying on with that dialogue.

‘It is difficult because he probably didn’t quite know that if Aaron had got more angrier and accelerated he would have felt duty bound to join at some point any way. But no, I’ll be nice to Tyler and I’ll say he was puzzled at that point.’

Is Tyler going to be able to support Kaz in future?

Watch the full episode of Love or Lie Island here. Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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