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Love Island’s Faye Winter reveals she can’t recite the alphabet past P: ‘I don’t know the rest’

Love Island star Faye Winter had to rely on her fellow islanders for help when it came to knowing the alphabet by heart.

In the latest edition of the series’ companion clip show Unseen Bits, the 26-year-old was chatting on the day sofas with Sharon Gaffka, Rachel Finni and Liberty Poole, when she did her best attempt at reciting her ABCs.

However, she seemed to forget which letter was meant to come next after reaching P.

‘Is that actually right?’ she then asked the girls. ‘L, M, N, O, P? I don’t know the rest.’

As the islanders all shrieked and burst into laughter, Sharon and Rachel both attempted to jog Faye’s memory by saying the following letters: ‘Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.’

‘Oh my God,’ Faye then said in shock as she covered her mouth, before attempting it one final time.

Ultimately, she didn’t succeed.

My Celebrity Life –

Sharon and Rachel had to help Faye recite the alphabet (Picture: ITV)

My Celebrity Life –

Faye admitted she did not know the alphabet by heart (Picture: ITV)

Sharon then cheekily responded: ‘I can’t believe I’m teaching you to do the f*****g alphabet!’

We can’t either to be fair.

Unseen Bits also saw contestant Brad McClelland reveal he once broke his penis during sex – yes, really.

During the couple’s challenge, just before things kicked off between Hugo Hammond, Sharon and Faye, one particular question had all the islanders shocked.

My Celebrity Life –

Fellow islander Brad McClelland revealed he once broke his penis during sex (Picture: ITV)

‘What’s Brad’s most embarrassing sexual tale,’ Hugo asked, to which he confessed: ‘I’ve snapped my banjo.’

Speaking in the beach hut, he told the camera: ‘One thrust of the hips and it was like, “Ooh, what has happened?”’

And Lucinda Strafford also knew Chuggs Wallis before she headed into the villa, as she had matched with him on a dating app.

She told her co-stars: ‘Do you know what? I actually matched with Chuggs on a dating app, and I remember talking to him about bucket hats.

My Celebrity Life –

Lucinda Stratfford revealed she also matched with Chuggs Wallis on a dating app (Picture: ITV)

‘And then this guy comes in and he’s like, “Hi, my name is Chuggs, I own a bucket hat company”.

‘I was like, I’ve literally had this conversation with you!’

When asked if she had purchased one of his now-iconic hats, Lucinda admitted that she didn’t.

And unfortunately for us viewers, the pair never crossed paths in the villa as Chuggs was booted out just days before Lucinda’s arrival.

Love Island: Unseen Bits airs Saturdays at 9pm on ITV2, while the main show continues tonight at 10pm.

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