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Man has huge 20-year-old ‘neck testicle’ lipoma removed on Dr Pimple Popper

Dr Pimple Popper was back in the clinic this week, this time helping out a man who has had a huge ‘neck testicle’ lipoma in his throat for 20 years.

The large spherical bump hung down from the bottom of John’s chin to his throat, where it had been growing for two decades.

‘My bump first showed up shortly after me and my wife got married, about 19 years ago,’ he said. ‘I’d been shaving and I noticed there was a knot that had started forming, it felt like the size of a golf ball, then it started getting larger’

He also revealed that the lump has stopped him sleeping, having to take special precaution over fears it will block his airway.

‘I cannot sleep in my own bed at night, I’m sleeping on the couch. If I lay too flat it changes the sound of my voice, I can feel it where it just lays flat on my windpipe; it feels like the bump is cutting off my airway.’

Thankfully, Dr Pimple Popper – aka Dr Sandra Lee – was on hand to help.

After John arrived at Dr Sandra’s California clinic, the dermatological surgeon inspected the lump.

‘This is quite a little handful there,’ Dr Sandra said, before delivering her diagnosis.

‘John has what I believe is a large lipoma right in the middle of his neck, and there are a lot of important vessels that go to our head and back to our heart, like your jugular,’ she explained.

‘There are many ways that you could really threaten somebody’s life with a little slip of the scalpel,’ she added as she prepared for surgery.

However, there was a complication, as Dr Sandra found that the lipoma could be trapped under a muscle, making surgery in the clinic impossible.

Dr Sandra had her work cut out on the show (Picture TLC)

‘Yeah it kind of makes you a little depressed, but you know what, I’m going to trust her,’ John said about the delay.

A few days later, John returned to the clinic. While a scan showed that the muscle was covering the lipoma, Dr Sandra was ‘willing to give it a try in the safest way possible’.

John was then taken to the surgery and his neck was numbed with local anaesthetic.

‘This is the golden moment, so to speak,’ Dr Sandra as she made an incision into the front of John’s neck. ‘I think I see something underneath there, I hope I see something.’

Beginning to remove the lump, she said: ‘John’s lipoma is visible under the surface, which is a great relief. I just don’t know how deep this is going and I don’t know what it’s attached to.’

John was taken into surgery and treated (Picture: TLC)

The lipoma was removed piece by piece, with the fatty orange tissue being cut out slowly.

‘I’m trying to remove John’s lipoma, but the bottom part is still stuck to something deeper, so every time I snip a little bit of it, the part that I don’t snip off gets pulled back in,’ Dr Sandra explained.

‘If I can’t get all of this out, John is still going to be left with some kind of bump.’

Thankfully, the perseverance paid off and all of the lipoma was then removed.

Reacting to seeing himself after operation, John said: ‘Hot damn, I look damn good now! It’s flat, it’s not this circle, it’s not this bulge, it’s not hanging down, it’s gone!’

He added: ‘I’ll be going more places, we’ll be doing more things as a family. I came here today thinking that this was never going to happen and she found it, it was hiding!’

Dr Pimple Popper airs at 10pm Thursdays exclusively on TLC, and stream on discovery+


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