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Married At First Sight Australia groom tells bride he ‘needs a girl with boobs’ and her face says it all

Married At First Sight Australia is kicking off with yet another season down under and it looks like the drama is set to keep on coming, judging by one groom’s comments to his new wife.

While season six is currently playing out for British viewers, season eight of MAFS Australia is airing overseas, introducing a brand new batch of grooms and brides hoping to find love, as they marry a stranger the first time meet.

Past experience tells us that it’s not all roses and couples who have previously taken part in the experiment have taken us on a wild ride full of cheating scandals, showdowns and a side of toxic masculinity thrown in.

Keeping up with tradition, new groom Sam Carraro was seen telling his wife Coco Steadman exactly what he looks for (or rather needs) in a woman.

‘I need a girl with boobs,’ he told Coco and, well, her face pretty much says it all.

The moment proved to be GIF worthy, with the official Twitter account for MAFS Australia sharing Sam’s requirements and a series of follow-up GIFs of Coco.


There’s shock, then comes the judgement and then there’s the hilarity of the situation, with Coco bursting out laughing at her hubby.

Naturally, fans weren’t left impressed by Sam’s comments, with some calling him ‘shallow’, others mocking the groom and one viewer urging Sam to ‘do better’.

They tweeted: ‘Ummmm what message is this sending to young men watching this show, my ex was gorgeous but her boobs weren’t big enough. Ffs, I’m out do better.’

Sam had been describing his ex and told Coco that he looks for curves in a woman.

Speaking about his former flame, he said: ‘She was, although gorgeous, I like a girl who has a curvaceous body, like bum, boobs and she didn’t have that.






‘It’s frustrating for me, because it’s like, I need a girl with boobs and it’s like, not everyone has big boobs… so it’s very frustrating.’

Taken aback, Coco responded: ‘Wow,’ before asking Sam: ‘Does the fact I’ve got a body like a hotdog matter? I’m quite straight up and down. I don’t have a fat a**. The junk in my trunk, it’s pretty muscular.’

He told her: ‘No, well, you’ve got curves in other places.’

Baffled by Sam’s confession, Coco said she ‘tripped out hard’ after finding out he left his ex because of how she looked.

Sam, a clothing brand owner from Melbourne, wed Coco, a pilates studio owner from Sydney, in the second episode of MAFS Australia’s new season and he seemed a little thrown by his bride.

Coco had big hopes for groom, stating that she was hoping to find the ‘Kanye to her Kim’ (that quote probably hasn’t timed well given that Kimye have officially filed for divorce) and joked that she should have written out the lyrics to WAP for her vows.

‘I can tell she’s going to be very loud, you know. She’s a little bit different to what I’m used to,’ Sam said. ‘I’m a little bit thrown by her.’

He later described Coco as ‘f**king extra’ and insisted: ‘She’s not my cup of tea.’

Cue the drama.

UK fans are currently watching season six of MAFS Australia play out on screen (Picture: E4)

For UK fans, season six of MAFS Australia is just wrapping up on screen after weeks of scandal, including Jessika Power and Dan Webb striking up a romance behind their partners’ backs and then secretly plotting to stay in the experiment.

After coming clean about their secret relationship, the experts allowed Jess and Dan to continue on in the experiment as a new couple to see if their romance could work, with viewers now watching as the remaining couples give their final vows.

In the final ceremony, the couples will decide whether they want to stay together or split, with viewers left shocked as Mark Scriven savagely dumped Ning Surasiang, after she made it clear she wanted to give their marriage a go.

Ning called out Mark’s decision for being ‘bulls**t’, as he insisted walking away from her was one of the ‘hardest decisions’ he’s ever had to make.

Married At First Sight Australia is available to stream on All 4.


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