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Married At First Sight Australia’s Jessika Power spills beans on explosive Cyrell Paule row at tense reunion

The Married At First Sight Australia season six is currently airing in the UK – with laughs, gossip sessions and an explosive row thrown in for good measure.

Despite their series airing Down Under in 2019, the MAFS gang reunited for another infamous dinner party recently, giving us a final dose of much-needed drama.

It is not clear when this will appear on our screens, but in the meantime, Jessika Power spilled the beans on what went down to, revealing that things erupted at the table, leading to Cyrell Paule hurling a glass of wine at her.

‘What happened was I’d made comments about Cyrell’s relationship with her partner here in Australia in the media, two years ago,’ she told us.

‘I’ll 100% put my hand up and say, “Yeah I did make comments about your relationship with Eden [Dally]. I said it was fake, because it was fake.’

Jessika Power had a tense reunion with Cyrell Paule at the Married At First Sight reunion (Picture: NIne)Jess claimed that Eden, who appeared on Love Island Australia, had asked her to do a showmance with him – something she turned down.


When he started dating Cyrell shortly after, she didn’t keep her opinions to herself, which she now admits was ‘nasty’.

‘I did say in the media, “Why would you want to wake up every morning and roll over next to her”,’ she continued. ‘It was really mean. I was such an abrasive and reactive person back then. Now I’m very like, “that’s nasty”.

‘So she held on to these comments for like two-and-a-half years, she doesn’t even know there’s going to be a reunion ever. She could have got my number from anyone, we have the same circle of friends. She could have unblocked me on Instagram and messaged me.’

Things took a turn at the reunion, which was filmed recently, and quickly became heated when Cyrell approached Jess to confront her.

Things became very tense between Cyrell and Jess at the dinner (Picture: Nine)
Cyrell threw wine at Jess during the heated row (Picture: Nine)

The star went on: ‘She makes this big ordeal about the comments. I said, “Yeah I did make comments about you and your partner and I apologise for that.” She’s like, “You didn’t apologise”. I said, “No, I say I apologise. That’s because that’s what you’re seeking, you want an apology. There it is.”

‘Five or six times, I moved away from her, she kept following me around the dinner table.

‘I said to her, “I’m not having this conversation. You’re clearly intoxicated, you’re angry. You’re not very nice, and I know how a conversation with you ends, it’s not good.”

‘Because she wasn’t getting the bite that she wanted, and she obviously felt silly because I have grown up, I’m not this little troublemaker anymore, [and] she threw the wine.’

Jess stated that she ‘didn’t react’ in the moment, because she is no longer ‘that person’.

‘I sat there and I actually didn’t react, I walked away,’ she added. ‘Old Jess would’ve got up and probably thrown the whole dinner table at her head. But I’m not that person anymore and I don’t want to be aggressive, I don’t want to be reactive. I don’t want to be nasty I don’t want to put people down.

‘I’ve had it done to me for almost three years and I hate it. That was my biggest thing. I said I actually feel so sorry for her because hurt people hurt people.

‘Some comments made online should not carry that much burden on your heart.’

Married At First Sight Australia is available to stream on All4.


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