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Married At First Sight UK: Morag and Josh explode at each other over claims he DM’d her before show

My Celebrity Life –
Josh and Morag have differing accounts of their past (Picture: Channel 4, E4)

Married At First Sight UK saw a heated clash between Morag and Josh over her claims that he DM’d her before the show.

In a previous episode of the E4 reality series, Morag claimed during a lunch date with the girls that Josh had slid into her Instagram DMs before they started filming.

During tonight’s episode, Josh finally confronted her about it while vehemently denying the claims, even telling his wife Amy that he didn’t fancy Morag.

Josh said at the dinner party: ‘I honestly don’t remember.’

The 26-year-old felt that the other couples were trying to interfere with his marriage to Amy now that they’re getting on better, stating: ‘As soon as we get on the right side people are trying to rock the boat.’

Morag insisted: ‘It was years ago, I don’t want it to be a problem for Amy.’

Josh said he didn’t think Morag’s claims were true, to which she asked in shock: ‘You don’t remember me at all?’

My Celebrity Life –
Morag insists Josh slid into her DMs (Picture: Channel 4, E4)

Morag accused Josh of sending a friend request and liking several of her photos, to which he exclaimed: ‘Are you f*****g for real? I would say genuinely coming from my heart, I highly doubt that’s true.’

He then asked Morag when exactly did she realise he looked familiar, to which she revealed: ‘As soon as I saw you.’

Josh replied: ‘I’ve got nothing to lie about, when I was single I spoke to tons of ladies.

‘That’s exactly what I wanted to get to, my reputation as a lady’s man.’

As his wife Amy tried to have her say, Josh shot back angrily: ‘Shut your mouth,’ prompting Alexis to defend her friend, saying: ‘Josh, don’t talk to Amy like that.’

My Celebrity Life –
Will Josh and Amy’s marriage survive the drama? (Picture: Channel 4, E4)

Amy told her husband: ‘I’m on your f*****g side,’ but he replied: ‘Time and time again you don’t let me f*****g speak.’

Growing even more frustrated, Josh turned his attention back to Morag and said: ‘I don’t even want to speak anymore.

‘It was a few years ago, why you bringing it up?

‘You said to me I’m still that person because I DM’d you you’re trying to imply to me that I’m still that man.’

As Morag tried to brush it all off, Amy reminded her: ‘You could’ve kept your mouth shut but you brought it out Morag.’

Ant then got involved and took Josh’s side, branding Morag a ‘liar’.

Viewers will have to wait to find out whether Josh and Amy will be able to move past their latest roadblock, when MAFS returns tomorrow night for the next commitment ceremony.

Married At First Sight UK airs weeknights at 9pm on E4.


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