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Marvel’s What If: Who is The Watcher and could Jeffrey Wright make a live-action MCU appearance?

The arrival of the release date of Marvel series What If…? on Disney Plus marks an exciting turning point in the MCU, as characters including Black Widow, Loki and Spider-Man veer down unexpected paths full of shocking twists.

The show, which is based on the comic book series of the same name and features an all-star cast, imagines how events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would have played out if they had unfolded in ways.

One of the most significant characters in the tale and a newcomer to the MCU is The Watcher, depicted by Hunger Games and Westworld actor Jeffrey Wright. recently spoke to Jeffrey about his portrayal of the character, who – just as his name implies – watches mayhem unravel as the multiverse is explored in great depth.

So who is The Watcher and could Jeffrey’s depiction of the character make a live-action appearance in the MCU?

Who is The Watcher?

In the Marvel comics, the Watchers are a race of extraterrestrial beings who watch over the goings-on of the universe.

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You may not always see him… but The Watcher is always there (Picture: Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

There is one Watcher whose duty it is to keep an eye on Earth and its solar system – Uatu, the character, played by Jeffrey.

In What If…?, The Watcher makes it very clear that his role is to only watch and to never intervene.

Nonetheless, Jeffrey told that The Watcher is ‘so compelled by what he sees’ that there’s ‘certainly temptation’ for him to become involved.

‘There’s such a deep connection between his existence and the existence of these characters and this mythology that I think probably like many fans – and he is a fan – he does want to jump through the screen and exist on the other side of things,’ he said.

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We can’t quite imagine The Watcher jumping in on the action (Picture: Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

Jeffrey, who explained that his son was keen to see him join the MCU when he received the invitation, said that when The Watcher made his first appearance in the Marvel comics in a 1963 issue of Fantastic Four, he was described as ‘the most dramatic being in the universe’.

‘So there’s a lot to do when a character is described in that way. There’s a lot to do particularly with

Could Jeffrey Wright make a live-action MCU appearance?

During his chat with, Jeffrey was asked about the possibility of appearing in the MCU as The Watcher in a live-action production, following the animated series.

The Watchers have already made a live-action cameo in the MCU, having briefly appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 alongside Stan Lee.

However, could Uatu end up having a more prominent live-action role in future?

The James Bond star implied that there is potential for that eventuality to happen, responding: ‘Anything’s possible’, explaining that as the ‘scale of the MCU is just so massive’, there’s ‘room for anything’.

He then added another layer to the mystery surrounding The Watcher, stating: ‘At the same time, The Watcher’s already there. By definition.

‘He’s been there from the beginning. So we’ll see what that means as we go forward. What if?’

Consider us intrigued!

How many episodes are there in What If…?

The release date for the first episode of What If…? is Wednesday August 11, with episodes subsequently being released on a weekly basis.

There are nine episodes in total in the series.

Will there be a season 2 of What If…?

Season two of What If…? is currently in development and will also consist of nine episodes.

During a recent interview with, executive producer Brad Winderbaum expressed his disappointment over an episode having to be cut from the first season.

However, he added that the ‘fantastic’ episode will instead appear in the second season, saying that he’s ‘glad that people are going to be able to see it’.

What If…? premieres on Disney Plus on Wednesday August 11 with new episodes being released weekly.

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