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Nadia Sawalha in shouting match with Denise Welch over Prince Harry’s interview on Queen: ‘Crossed all sorts of lines’

Loose Women has been known to host a heated debate from time to time… but today’s fiery discussion on Prince Harry’s divisive interview about the Queen was on another level.

On Thursday’s edition of the ITV programme, Nadia Sawalha began the discourse by addressing the Duke of Sussex’s chat with NBC’s Today Show, where he said he wanted to make sure the Queen was ‘protected’ and had the ‘right people around her’.

Despite expressing how fond she is of Harry, Nadia stated that she believes the remark was ‘crossing all sorts of lines’, as ‘everyone’s going to be talking about “what did he mean”’ on the Queen’s 96th birthday.

However, Denise Welch fired back to tell her colleague that she ‘disagreed with her completely’, saying that she didn’t think it was ‘disingenuous’ for Harry to talk about his grandmother, as some people may have surmised.

Speaking about the private tea Harry had with the Queen, Nadia expressed her sympathy towards the other members of the royal family around the monarch, considering the Duke’s reference to the people who are in her vicinity.

Denise stressed that Harry must be asked by the royal family all the time, before admitting that his remark about the Queen requiring ‘protection’ may have been ‘loaded’.

Denise and Nadia butted heads over the issue (Picture: ITV)

‘The fact is he said, “We have a laugh and we love each other.” That is for none of us to dispute, That’s what his relationship with the Queen is,’ she said.

After bringing up the fact that Harry’s remark about the people around the Queen may have been ‘loaded’, Nadia then interrupted to ask: ‘But why? Why would you give a loaded comment if you don’t like people commenting on what you comment on?’

With the volume of her voice increasing, Denise stated: ‘He doesn’t care about people commenting.’

‘He does!’ Nadia shrieked in response as the pair shouted over each other. ‘They say all the time “leave us alone”!’

Charlene tried to calm the situation while her colleagues yelled at each other (Picture: ITV)

Denise remarked on how ‘vitriolic’ she believes the press has been towards Harry and Meghan, before the remaining presenters on the panel had their say.

Charlene White pointed out that Harry’s comment may have been regarding the controversial turn of events when the Queen was accompanied by Prince Andrew at Prince Philip’s memorial, as the panel compared the media attention received by the royals.

Jane Moore, meanwhile, expressed her belief that his comment about his grandmother ‘was shoring up the Netflix deal’, stating: ‘In America, their currency for their deal is his connection to the royal family.’

After Charlene brought up the fact that the interview would have also been to promote the Invictus Games, Jane stressed that if he had only wanted to discuss the Games, he could have specified before the interview.

By the end of the segment, Charlene was calling for her panelists to ‘breathe’ as the tension heightened once again, as Denise and Jane disagreed over the notion that Harry has received more flack in the press than Andrew.

Loose Women airs weekdays from 12.30pm on ITV.

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