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‘Nothing is right’: RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under fans hit out at ‘messy’ editing

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Drag Race Down Under is currently airing (Picture: BBC)

RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under viewers have blasted the show’s ‘messy’ editing, saying it’s difficult to keep up with the storyline.

The series is currently airing with new episodes landing on BBC iPlayer weekly, however, fans have expressed their confusion over the production value of the spin-off.

After tuning in to watch the third episode, which saw the Australian and New Zealand drag queens split in two as they competed in the ultimate girl group sing-off, many complained the segments were moving too quickly.

‘Drag Race Down Under is giving me anxiety the editing is so WEIRD it’s just chop-chop-chop-chop, and the bright colours and the soft lighting and the way half the swearing is censored and half isn’t and the background music WHILE they’re recording their lyrics…,’ wrote one.

‘Drag race down under feels very off like the judging, editing, production is weird,’ another added. ‘Nothing is right.’

Echoing a similar sentiment, a third penned: ‘Each week the editing on Drag Race Down Under is getting faster and faster!? There is like zero breathing time and that runway and lip sync was at like 1.5 speed.. It’s making it so hard to keep up with what’s happening.’







It comes after a bizarre theory circling the web that RuPaul didn’t actually film the new series in person and instead recorded their scenes remotely on a green screen.

Viewers had flooded the likes of Reddit and Twitter with their suspicions, citing ‘production quality’ as the cause of their doubts.

However, eliminated queen Art Simone vouched for Ru and dispelled the rumours.

‘Just here to quash the rumours that RuPaul was green-screened onto set,’ she penned on Twitter.

‘There’s no way we would have the budget after we splurged on those beautiful cement cherubs.’

RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under airs Sundays on BBC iPlayer.

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