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Our Father on Netflix: Disgraced fertility doctor performed smear tests and breast exams on unknowing biological daughter 

Alison Kramer had no idea her biological father – Dr Donald Cline – was her gynaecologist (Picture: Netflix)

Netflix’s Our Father documentary exposes how Dr Donald Cline performed gynaecological check-ups on his biological daughter for two years.

The shocking film, set for release on the platform on Wednesday, uncovers the sick true story of how the disgraced doctor inseminated his patients without their knowledge or consent at his fertility practice in Indianapolis in the 1970s and 1980s, fathering 94 known children.

His disgusting behaviour was first discovered by his biological daughter, Jacoba Ballard, who was an only child and conceived via donor sperm.

One particularly harrowing account comes from Alison Kramer, who reveals how Dr Cline served as her fertility doctor for two years after impregnating her mother a number of years before.

‘He was my main gyn, he took care of all my gynaecological needs for the two years I saw him. He did my pap exams, he did my breast exams,’ Alison tells the camera.

Alison had no idea that Dr Cline was her biological father until she turned 47 and took a DNA home test.

‘I don’t think any grown woman wants someone closely related to them, a member of the opposite sex, to touch them in that way,’ she says of her discovery.

‘It’s a very vulnerable position that the position is in and to be touching and examining private areas of your body… I can’t even think about it without getting upset.’

‘I didn’t get to have that knowledge,’ Alison adds. ‘He knew. I didn’t get the chance to say I want to see somebody else.’

Dr Donald Cline inseminated his patients without their knowledge or consent at his fertility practice (Picture: Netflix)

Her father figure describes the realisation that Dr Cline had impregnated his wife as a ‘bad dream that keeps recurring.

‘You want to wake up but every time you wake up it’s not a dream,’ he admits.

Cline was taken to court but despite inseminating countless women with his own sperm, he had not violated criminal law at the time and only received a $500 (£400) fine for obstructing justice by denying the allegations

In 2018, the mothers and siblings successfully passed legislation in Indiana making illicit donor inseminations illegal, however, there is currently no federal law.

Thanks to at-home DNA testing, 44 additional doctors have been found to have used their own sperm to inseminate fertility patients.

Cline is currently the most prolific of these doctors

Our Father arrives on Wednesday, May 11 on Netflix.

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