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Peter Dinklage explains Ed Sheeran’s dodgy Game of Thrones cameo: ‘I think it was because we just wanted rock stars around’

He also said he’s glad the show has come to an end after 10 years (Picture: HBO/ITV)

Peter Dinklage has opened up about what he really thought of Ed Sheeran’s cameo on Game of Thrones.

The actor, 52, appeared on The Graham Norton Show, and was quizzed on whether he felt relieved when the hit show finally came to an end after 10 years.

He was quick to respond: ‘Yes. It was time to move on, as hard as it was. We normally go off for a couple of months and have great friendship and you don’t see each other again, but this was a family – I lived in Ireland, so for me it wasn’t just the show, it was a life, which was the hardest thing to walk away from.’

Comedian Joe Lycett interjected to comment on Ed Sheeran’s cameo in the series – in which he was one of many famous faces who made an appearance.

‘I am a big fan of the series and watched the whole lot. The only issue I have with it is when they put in cameos – Ed Sheeran mainly! I love Ed Sheeran, I love Game of Thrones, I didn’t love the Venn diagram where they crossed over. It took me out of it.’

He continued: ‘If you’re going to put them in do it properly and kill them, really kill them. I wanted him singing Shape of You while Peter is going at him with an axe!’

Ed didn’t expect such backlash for his cameo (Picture: Home Box Office)

Peter replied with how he thinks celebs ended up in the long-running drama: ‘I think it was because we just wanted rock stars around – a lot of those deals were probably done at the pub and then when they actually turned up it was like, “Oh no, now we have to write a scene for them!”‘

Game of Thrones first hit screens in 2011 and ran for eight seasons.

Peter portrayed Tyrion Lannister on the HBO show, and he won the Primetime Emmy Award for outstanding supporting actor in a drama series a record four times for his performance.

Singer-songwriter Ed popped up in the drama’s seventh season, playing a Lannister soldier that crossed paths with Maisie Williams’ character Ayra Stark during the season premiere, Dragonstone.

The Bad Habits hitmaker previously admitted he ‘didn’t expect backlash’ for his cameo, and he’ll be more wary of acting jobs he says yes to in the future.

He told Absolute Radio last month: ‘I feel like I pissed off a lot of people by being in that, but anytime I meet someone that is like, “Oh you cameoed on that show,” I’m like, “What would you say?”

‘Everyone would say yes. I was a fan of the show; they asked me to be in it. I didn’t expect there to be that much backlash but I am definitely more careful when I am offered cameos now.’

Other stars who have appeared in Game of Thrones include David Beckham, Chris Stapleton and Aaron Rodgers.

The show aired its final episode in May 2019.

The Graham Norton Show airs Friday at 10:20pm on BBC One.


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