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Phillip Schofield’s face says it all after Michael Gove suggests two Scotch eggs and pickle is a ‘substantial meal’

Phillip Schofield wasn’t having it when he heard Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove’s suggestion that two Scotch eggs and a pickle on the side could be perceived as a ‘substantial meal’.

On Wednesday 2 December, people in areas across the country that are placed in tier 2 will be permitted to order alcohol at pubs and restaurants up until 10pm if they do so with a ‘substantial meal’.

However, there has been some confusion as to what constitutes a substantial meal, with environment secretary George Eustice stating this week that a Scotch egg would ‘probably’ count as a substantial meal.

While Downing Street later emphasised that ‘bar snacks do not count as a substantial meal’, during an appearance on today’s LBC breakfast show, Cabinet Minister Michael Gove suggested to Nick Ferrari that ‘a couple of Scotch eggs with a pickle on the side’ could be seen as a starter.

When Nick later appeared on This Morning to discuss the latest news headlines with Phillip and Holly Willoughby, he recollected the interaction he had with the politician.

‘When I asked Michael Gove he actually said – you’re not going to believe this – he said if you have two Scotch eggs and some pickle, that is a substantial meal,’ Nick said.

Phillip Schofield pulls a face as Nick Ferrari shares Michael Goves comments on Scotch eggs (ITV)

‘He’s sort of second-in-line to the government, so this is what I’m trying to get at. There is just too much confusion.’

At the mention of the Cabinet Minister’s views on how two Scotch eggs could count as a substantial meal with a pickle on the side, Phillip appeared to roll his eyes in a moment of exasperation as Holly laughed.

Earlier on Good Morning Britain, Piers Morgan grilled Mr Gove over the definition of a ‘substantial meal’ in the newly-introduced Covid restrictions.

After the politician said that a substantial meal has been ‘defined in law for years now’, Piers replied: ‘You’ve no idea what a substantial meal is, even though it’s the central plank of the government’s policy for pubs and restaurants?’

The Cabinet Minister then added ‘We’ve got hospitality settings – pubs, restaurants and others – who are perfectly happy for years now to make sure that 16 and 17-year-olds only having drinks with substantial meals.’

This Morning airs at 10am on weekdays on ITV.


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