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Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid given ‘Shouty and Pouty’ Mr Men makeover – and they’re on point

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid have been given Mr Men makeovers – and they’re so accurate.

In order to celebrate the book collection’s 50th anniversary, the Good Morning Britain duo have been renamed to Mr Shouty and Little Miss Pouty especially for their one-off cartoons.

Even coming complete with a story, Piers and Susanna couldn’t help but laugh at the tale of Little Miss Pouty having to deal with her Shouty friend.

Airing on GMB today, the narrator said: ‘Mr Shouty is the noisiest person in the whole wide world. He’s so loud and shouty that he can be heard as far away as Australia and America.

‘He likes shouting at Prime Ministers, at Presidents, even princes and princesses. Although he would never shout at the Queen.’

‘Little Miss Pouty is the calmest person that has ever lived,’ they continued.

‘No matter what is happening around her people getting excited or arguing with each other, she keeps her cool.

‘She even keeps calm when Mr Shouty is around. Although no one understands how.’

Piers then laughed and said the shouting ‘helps wake people up in the mornings’.

My Celebrity Life –
Mr Shouty shouts so loudly he’s heard across the world (Picture: PA)
My Celebrity Life –
Little Miss Pouty is far more friendly than her friend Mr Shouty (Picture: PA)

Susanna and Piers have become known as shouty and pouty thanks to their time together as a presenting duo.

Never one to be shy of an opinion, Piers has had a series of fierce clashes on Good Morning Britain, with Susanna stepping in to calm him down when things get heated.

In today’s episode, Piers managed to keep the shouting to a minimum, but did express an interest in running for Prime Minister.

But he couldn’t resist speaking out over Liz Hurley, who he told to ‘put some clothes on’ after she posed half-naked in her garden as it snowed.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.


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