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RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13: Queens ranked from meh to yaaas after RuPaulmark Channel

It’s been four weeks but RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13 has finally started eliminating their queens.

With the ‘Winners’ Circle’ and the ‘Pork Chop Queens’ finally united in the competition, it was time for them to put their acting skills to the test with their very own RuPaulmark Channel specials.

Naturally, this caused a bit of a commotion as per usual, with fighting for the good roles, shoehorned-in references not being referenced right (we were all rooting for you!) and general tomfoolery.

Unfortunately after a killer Trains-themed runway, it was time to say goodbye to someone – but did the right person leave?

Here’s how we thought the queens did – ranked from top to bottom.


My Celebrity Life –
Symone is unstoppable right now but for how much longer? (Picture: VH1)

We are loving Symone more and more with every story we hear – and she’s proving to be the one to beat this season.

On the runway, that never-ending du-rag train was just *chef’s kiss*, showing off her heritage with the amount of pride she aimed for while being glamorous as hell.

We have yet to see Symone not look like a 90s pop star and missing member of TLC and it’s incredible.

To date, Symone has won every task put in front of her – and that’s a feat unheard of in Drag Race herstory this early in a competition. Let’s hope she keeps it up.


My Celebrity Life –
Gottmik rode high in our estimation (Picture: VH1)

As the leading star of the April Fools Rush In, Gottmik really brought it in.

When it came to the runway, Gottmik had us at ‘diamond-covered tommy gun’ and continued through to this Marilyn Monroe style make-up and the fact that she was wearing the colours of the trans falg.

She’s a clever one and while the win was kept just out of grasp, Symone better watch out – because Mik is hot on her tail.


My Celebrity Life –
Rose went down like a fine wine this week (Picture: VH1)

Lesser queens would not have been able to make Gnomey work – but Rose did, and not only that, managed to stand up and out against scene partner Symone this week, so for that she should be applauded.

While this isn’t entirely her fault, and more the unfortunate schedule of the runway, two toulle looks on back-to-back runways isn’t the one.

And no matter how well executed the outfits were, you couldn’t help but feel like you’d already seen this from her.

Thanks again to that ‘too many queens’ curse, there’s little more to say this week – but we liked her and she was safe.

Kandy Muse

My Celebrity Life –
Kandy was cute and is sure to be a big personality in the competition (Picture: VH1)

Kandy may not have had the biggest role but she is a masterclass in making the most of your screen time.

Full Lady and the Vamp for the runway, she lost marks for the look being so close to what she wore in the catwalk back in episode one. Like our criticism of Rose, it’s just too soon to have an outfit feel repetitive.

But we think this was generally a strong week for Kandy, but we can see she’s beginning to feel a little out of her depth, and she needs to schnap out of it before it takes her down.

Olivia Lux

My Celebrity Life –
Olivia is still dazzling (Picture: VH1)

Olivia is continuing to dazzle but unfortunately she was one of the first, and most obvious, victims of ‘too many queens for the runtime’.

Battling against 13 others for confessionals spots and camera time, Olivia eventually decided to be a scene-stealer as the comedic old nana in Misery Love’s Company, and it worked.

On the runway, Olivia once again had a standout moment with that philosopher’s gold look, and cemented her safety in the competition.

She needs a nudge to get into ‘top three’ territory, but she is definitely strong.

Tamisha Iman

My Celebrity Life –
Ms Iman is easily the mama bear of the group (Picture: VH1)

Seriously cannot believe the hour-long episode dedicated so much time to her ‘waking up as Cher’ this week – but at least it paid off for her in the end with the result actually being pretty funny.

That pink runway look was beautiful on her, and you can tell that she comes from a pageant background, but again that peplum train didn’t shine against some of the others.

But her parental energy around the other queens, her confessionals and her general life story keep her entertaining and up high in our rankings.


My Celebrity Life –
Denali just missed the mark this week(Picture: VH1)

Denali’s best bit of the week was her runway, and her lipsync – so talk about coming through when it counted!

In the challenge, she didn’t really shine as the leading lady, unfortunately, with Misery coming over a bit too plastic (which is saying something for a Hallmark parody).

That parrot look was absolutely stun-ning though, and may have been our favourite outfit of the entire runway, so we were shocked when she was announced bottom two.

She rightfully earned her place to stay, and judging from Denali’s clear competitiveness over the past couple of weeks, it’s obvious that this queen isn’t going to take her almost-exit lying down.

We’re ready to see what she does next.

Utica Queen

My Celebrity Life –
Will Utica snatch the crown? (Picture: VH1)

All praise the first queen with a truly gifable moment from this season of Drag Race – that dead pan look down the camera when Ru asked if she’d ever smoked weed before will live in our head rent free.

On the runway, her curtains look was an absolute stunner – and a cheeky little nod all the way back to season two with their Gone With The Window challenge, except more high fashion, and Carol Burnett.

But her hippy flag character was definitely the weakest link in the group, and while she’s rightfully safe, she had to be marked down for that and lack of confessionals.

Joey Jay

My Celebrity Life –
Joey Jay’s nerves seemingly let her down (Picture: VH1)

Joey’s highlights still remain in the confessionals – which isn’t ideal when the competition is about your drag game.

Saying that though, compared to previous weeks, Joey did pretty well this challenge.

While she was definitely struggling in the filming of April Fool’s Rush In, the final product saw her do quite well as the joke shop owner.

We were really loving their confessional look on the runway though – that red and black against each other looked beaut and the tongue concept was pretty clever (even if we didn’t realise at the beginning that’s what we were looking at).

Elliott (with two Ts)

My Celebrity Life –
Elliott gave us 80s vibes and we weren’t mad at it (Picture: VH1)

Elliott seemed on a mission to prove something this episode, which we can’t blame her for seeing as she was around a group of queens who unanimously tried to kick her off the show.

Her efforts both did and didn’t work.

She gave some good confessional this week, but her performance as cupid (?!?) wasn’t great, and that was even going up against someone who was acting like a literal tree.

(Side note: Who wrote these? Because Jesus they’re cringe.)

Her white runway look was gorgeous, but could’ve done with a little more concept over style (though we have a deep love for anyone who can keep a pure white that bright and beautiful).

Tina Burner

My Celebrity Life –
Tina disappeared a little in the edit this week (Picture: VH1)

Tina’s runway concept didn’t really work, with her train conductor outfit seemingly having material stuck to the back of it to make a train, rather than it being part of the actual look.

We would’ve been even more obsessed if she went for the New York Subway Metrocard look that she’s posed for online – and it would’ve been a bit more cheeky with a ‘trains? geddit?’ kind of humour.

For the acting challenge she was fine. Definitely not bad but nothing that stood out in either a positive or negative direction.

Fingers crossed she gets more air time next week.

LaLa Ri

My Celebrity Life –
LaLa wasn’t in her strongest week but we’re still liking her energy (Picture: VH1)

Oh, Lala. Once again there was nothing making her stand out from the pack this week, and we’re really needing her to step up now.

In the God Loves Flags performance, her rainbow dress was cute but it rode up too high and ruined the look as a result – and then apart from that, she said nothing that I even wrote notes for.

We didn’t particularly love the snake inspired runway either, which again seemed to be missing something, but the judges is and that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

But we stand by that we really like her and the small amount we see of her in the confessionals and workroom, so we’re begging once the numbers go down her screen time will go up.

This is just a really tricky year when noone is obviously messing up.

Kahmora Hall

My Celebrity Life –
Kahmora was the first to go (Picture: VH1)

Kahmora may have been entertaining in the wrong ways – but she was at the very least entertaining and her wearing fully body drag in a green screen suit absolutely killed us.

That’s before we got into the whole ‘I was rooting for us‘ debacle, which was so frustrating – and absolutely hilarious.

Her golden dragon concept was to die for and the kind of outfit you just know noone else could get away with because it fit her so perfectly.

We felt she was finally getting into the swing of things this episode, but it was just too little, too late.

We hope she realises how epic she is though.

RuPaul’s Drag Race continues Fridays on VH1 in the US and Saturdays on Netflix in the Uk.


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