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Selling Tampa’s Sharelle warns ‘everybody’s replaceable’ amid Rena and Alexis tension

Selling Tampa brought the drama (Picture: Netflix)

Selling Tampa star Sharelle Rosada has issued a stark warning to the women at her brokerage that ‘everybody’s replaceable’ following that shock firing. 

Season one of the Netflix series, which debuted last week, follows a group of luxury real estate agents at Allure Realty in Tampa.

*** Warning: Spoilers ***

Sharelle, who founded the company in 2019, saw her relationship with Rena Upshaw-Frazier sour early in the season when she decided to cut the agents’ commission without warning. It prompted Rena to consider opening her own brokerage but not before attempting to poach Colony Reeves and Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere away from Allure behind the CEO’s back.

Elsewhere, Sharelle later fired Alexis Williams after growing frustrated with the realtor’s low performance.

Whew, it was a busy season.

Both situations made Sharelle, who is currently pregnant, unfavourable among the wider team but she has no regrets about her actions.

Sharelle has her hands full with Allure Realty (Picture: Netflix)
Rena (l) tried to poach some of the agents away from Allure (Picture: Netflix)

Speaking to about Rena trying to open her own brokerage, Sharelle said: ‘I was surprised that she would try to recruit the agents behind my back, after I acknowledged to her “I supported you, go do your own thing”, but some people, that’s just the way they operate and no matter what you say and how you say they should operate a business, they’re going to do it regardless.’

She then added ominously: ‘You can’t stress or worry about if somebody’s going to leave because everybody’s replaceable, so I don’t dwell on things I can’t control.’

It was a shock to the brokerage when Sharelle fired Alexis despite warning the agent about her poor sales, which stemmed back more than a year.

But when the drama’s all done and dusted, the Allure women are family (Picture: Netflix)

Looking back on the situation, the businesswoman said: ‘With Alexis, I don’t have any regrets on letting her go, I feel like she needed that tough love to show I’m not playing. It’s like if you keep on saying you’re going to do it and don’t do it. So I had to set an example in the brokerage to show that we’re building and if you can’t get with it and continue making excuses, I’m going to have to let you go.

‘I hope that she learns this is serious and if you want to be part of a growing company you’re going to have to take it serious.’

When asked if they’re on speaking terms, Sharelle replied: ‘Of course, I always check on her – at the end of the day, we’re family so I check on her, we still go to dinner sometimes as a group. She’s actually getting herself together, her personal life and trying to figure herself out.

‘If she picks it up, I told her the door is always open so if she decides, ok, I’m ready to do this full time and she shows some changes, I definitely will welcome her back.’

Selling Tampa is available to watch on Netflix.


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