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South Park fans struggle with Cartman’s bleak future in latest Paramount+ movie: ‘He didn’t deserve that!’

Fans couldn’t believe it! (Picture: Paramount+)

This story contains spoilers for South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid.

South Park premiered the hourlong second half of their first movie on Paramount+ on Thursday, however, some fans have been left struggling with one character’s altered future.

After the first half of the series’ first movie – which aired on Thanksgiving – left viewers feeling despondent about a never-ending pandemic, the second instalment left them more hopeful for the future overall.

But, while it all seemed to work out for every character in South Park: Post Covid, Cartman didn’t seem to have the same luck.

The show’s creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone truly made viewers take Cartman into their hearts in the first half of the film as, in the initial bleak future, he becomes a rabbi with a loving wife and three children.

Naturally, this annoys Kyle, who believes it to be some cunning plan to antagonise him.

Fans were left on the edge of their seats, waiting for Cartman to break character and reveal he plotted the whole thing to cause Kyle anguish.

But in South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid, viewers learn that Cartman truly does love his family and really did become a man of faith.

That’s why Cartman attempts to stop Kyle and Stan from travelling back in time to change the future of the pandemic, as he believes doing so might mean his current life never existed.

His new wife manages to convince Cartman to go along with his friends’ plan, which he agrees to after being assured they would find one another again in the new world, since they had so much love for each other.

But, Cartman doesn’t get his happy ending.

The central character ends up homeless, with Kyle and Stan seemingly feeling bad for him as he becomes lonely, angry and drunk.



Fans themselves couldn’t believe they actually felt sorry for Cartman as well, taking to Twitter to share their thoughts.

‘Cartman didn’t deserve that ending, he lost everything, and it’s unfair that he’s a homeless man after stopping Clyde from killing Kyle,’ one tweeted.

What will happen to your favourite character’s future? (Picture: Paramount Channel)

‘I will choose to ignore the ending to the new special and will consider rabbi Cartman the one and only true ending,’ another wrote.

On the other hand, some viewers were able to understand the meaning behind Cartman’s fate, saying that while his ending was ‘extremely heartbreaking,’ it was realistic.





One fan said: ‘Although Cartman’s ending was extremely heartbreaking, it does make sense. Him having the same future is unrealistic. It’s also unrealistic to believe that everyone was well off in the future. Cartman sacrificed his good future for everyone else.’

Another shared: ‘So about that South Park Return of Covid ending, I know that Cartman’s fate was super harsh, but I think that’s the point. He did so many irredeemable things, but this being his only good act that nobody will remember him for doing is very tragic.’

South Park first hit screens in 1997 by introducing the characters, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick, who soon became much-loved characters in one of the most famous animated series.

US viewers can watch South Park: Post Covid: The Return Of Covid on Paramount.

British fans will have to wait and see if the film appears on the Comedy Central channel on Sky – where the show usually airs – or NOW TV.

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