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Squid Game viewers spot major plot hole everyone missed first time

*Warning: Contains spoilers for Squid Game*

Squid Game is the biggest show out there right now, with millions of viewers around the world obsessing over every detail – and some have discovered one element that most of us probably missed first time.

In fact, fans are beginning to notice a rather large plot hole right at the heart of the smash hit series.

It’s all to do with two characters – Front Man (Lee Byung-hun) and Jun-Ho (Wi Ha-joon).

As fans on Reddit pointed out, there is a logical issue with the set up to the subplot, which sees Jun-Ho discover that his brother is in fact the second in command and key to organising the games.

User Lemonworld explained it in a post that read: ‘Jun-ho (the detective) is tipped off that his brother is missing and that he just recently didn’t pay rent.

‘This implies that he’s playing in this current game, and was perhaps one of the people killed in red light green light.’

My Celebrity Life –
The Front Man played a key role in the series (Picture: Netflix)

They added: ‘But since we know the brother is a former player and the Front Man, wouldn’t he have gone missing about a week ago?’

So far, so intriguing. There were more details which seemed to back up the claim, too.

‘He also seems to be Korea’s #2 most important member of the game staff, second only to Mr. 001 himself,’ the user added.

‘If this isn’t his first game as the Front Man, going missing for weeks at a time should be at least an annual occurrence.’

My Celebrity Life –
Could the viewer really be onto something? (Picture: Youngkyu Park/Netflix)

The fan went on to say: ‘Shouldn’t he already be prepared to “disappear” for a while when the games start, like paying rent in advance at the very least, or coming up with a good excuse so that his police officer brother doesn’t go looking for him?’

We have to say, it’s a pretty convincing case – wouldn’t Jun-Ho haven’t noticed something before now?

While it doesn’t take anything away from the series, it’s pretty hard to argue against.

The brutal playground games featured Squid Game have totally taken over the internet in recent weeks.

The series tells the story of a group of people in debt who are given the chance to win the equivalent of £27million but only if they risk their lives by playing a series of childhood games and risk instant death.

Squid Game is available to stream on Netflix.


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