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Squid Game: Who is player 067 and does she die?

The enigmatic character is one of the biggest players in Squid Game (Picture: Netflix)

*Warning: Contains spoilers for Squid Game*

The brutal playground games featured Squid Game have totally taken over the internet in recent weeks, with TikTok challenges racking up millions of hits, but its characters have also proven just as fascinating.

The dynamic between its lead stars has helped it become the number show on Netflix all around the world, with viewers rooting for their favourites.

While players are killed off in the blink of an eye in the ultra-violent series, there are some which have become real fan favourites across the nine episodes.

One in particular who has stood out to viewers is the enigmatic Player 067.

But who is she? Here’s everything you need to know.

Who is 067 in Squid Game and does she die?

Some of the key details are easy to miss (Picture: Netflix)

Player 067 (also known as King Sae-bye,played by HoYeon Jung)is one of the characters fans have taken to their hearts in the massively popular series.

She doesn’t give a whole lot away over the course of the show, and as some viewers have pointed out online, you could easily have missed vital things about the character if you were watching with English dubbing.

As fans eventually discover, though, player 067 is a determined woman who escaped from North Korea with her young brother.

She is called a ‘pickpocket’ after taking player 465’s (Seong Gi-hun, played by Lee Jung-Jae) winnings before entering the games, as well as clashing with player 101 (Jang Deok-su, played by Heo Sung-tae).

One of the most emotional moments in the series sees player 240 (Ji-yeong, played by Lee Yoo-Mi) form a connection with player 067

She ends up bonding with another woman on their team, Ji-yeong, aka player 240, during their game of marbles. It’s there that she admits that she planned to use the winnings to get her brother out of foster care and reunite him with their mother in North Korea.

In the end, she reaches the final three with player 465 and player 218 (Cho Sang-woo, played by Hae-soo Park). However, after crossing the bridge in the penultimate challenge, she is gravely injured with a shard of glass embedding itself in her stomach.

She asks player 456 to look after his brother, and while he is requesting medical assistance for her, player 218 sneaks up on her and stabs her.

Is she dead? While viewers see her carried out of the arena in a coffin before being cremated, there are some social media users out there who are claiming that she could still be alive.

Sadly, it seems more like wishful thinking than anything else. Still, we’ll have to wait to hear back on a potential second season before we know any more.

Squid Game is available to stream on Netflix.


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