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Sweet Tooth season 1: Showrunner reveals biggest change that had to be made due to filming during pandemic

Warning: spoilers ahead for season 1 of Sweet Tooth.

One of the showrunners for new Netflix series Sweet Tooth has revealed the biggest change that had to be made as a result of filming during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sweet Tooth, which is based on the comic book series of the same name, follows a part human, part deer hybrid boy called Gus (Christian Convery) as he joins forces with a man named Tommy Jepperd (Nonso Anozie) while embarking on an unpredictable journey to find his mother.

While the fantasy drama is yet to be officially renewed for season two, fans have expressed their love for the series, which is – coincidentally – set in a world where a virus pandemic has spread across the globe.

Although the pilot was filmed in 2019, the rest of the series was completed during the coronavirus pandemic, resulting in one scene having to be altered in order to adhere to Covid-safe regulations, executive producer Beth Schwartz told

Speaking alongside co-showrunner Jim Mickle and comic book writer Jeff Lemire, Beth explained that overall, they ‘didn’t really have to change too much’.

Sweet Tooth fans are hoping it’ll be renewed for season two (Picture: Netflix)

‘Jim had shot the pilot a year before in 2019 and then when we started the rest of season one we had three episodes already written,’ she said.

‘We were in the middle of writing episode four when the pandemic hit, and we had already pitched the entire full season to Netflix and Warner Bros, so we knew all our storylines stayed the same.’

However, the episode six scene where Gus and Jepperd are being pursued by the Last Men on a cargo train was originally going to be extremely different.

‘Episode six on the train was supposed to be a passenger train – I think that’s the biggest change we made, where we tried to limit extras and the amount of people on set for Covid safety and it ended up turning out amazing,’ Beth said.

‘I feel like sometimes those changes at the time where you’re like, “Oh no, we had this in our heads”… and now I can’t imagine it a different way than it turned out.

Beth added that not much else was changed elsewhere, other than ‘a few set designs’ or props being altered to adhere to the six-feet-apart rule.

During the same conversation with, executive producer Jim addressed the possibility of Sweet Tooth returning for a second season.

He admitted that they ‘don’t know’ about future seasons at this time, adding that edits to the first season were made extremely close to the premiere date.

‘The reality is we finished the season just like two weeks ago. It was actually a stressful thing to binge it over the weekend because we were literally just sound mixing some of the episodes just days before, which was quite stressful,’ he said.

‘So it’s been a wild week just with the release and we’re sort of wrapping our heads around everything… so time will still tell.’

Considering the hugely positive response Sweet Tooth has had since its launch, we remain hopeful that a second season is on the cards!

Sweet Tooth season one is available to watch on Netflix.

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