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The Chasers’ ages, IQs and who has won the most times?

There are some big differences in the Chasers’ ages (Picture: ITV)

The Chase wouldn’t be nearly as compelling as it is without the presence of the ‘Chasers’ – the six impossibly brainy people who attempt to beat the contestants at their own game.

Since the ITV show began in 2009 they’ve become famous in their own right, dazzled us all with their general knowledge and even shown off their talents on other programmes – take a bow Jenny Ryan and Celebrity X Factor for example.

But while we know they’re supremely clever, other facts about the Chasers aren’t so well-documented – their ages, for example, and just how smart they really are.

Which of them is oldest, who is the baby of the bunch – and what are their IQs?

What are The Chasers’ ages?

There is over two decades of difference between the oldest and youngest Chaser on the show, with Anne Hegerty – aka The Governess – the oldest of the group.

Anne turned 63 earlier this year, having been born on July 14, 1958.

However Shaun Wallace – The Dark Destroyer, is not too far behind her in age, having celebrated his 61st birthday on June 2.

Anne Hegerty is the eldest Chaser (Picture: ITV)

Mark Labbett – The Beast – is the next oldest of the six -he was born on August 15 1965, meaning he turned 56 this year.

Meanwhile, Paul Sinha – aka The Sinnerman – was a 70s baby, entering the world on May 28 1970 – so he’s just turned 52.

Jenny Ryan is the baby of the bunch (Picture: ITV)

Next comes newcomer Darragh Ennis – The Menace – who was born on September 29 1980, meaning he’ll celebrate his 41st birthday this year.

And it’s Jenny Ryan – the Vixen – who is the baby of the bunch at the age of 39.

The former Chase question writer turned show star was born on April 2, 1982.

Which Chaser has the highest IQ?

Mark Labbett has the most IQ points (Picture: ITV)

In a January 2021 episode of spin-off show The Chasers’ Road Trip: Trains, Brains and Automobiles, the Chasers’ knowledge was put to an IQ test – and Mark came out on top with an IQ of 151.

He joked: ‘I was told a total genius is 150, so I’m a pretty poor genius, but a genius I am. I was in smug mode. Now, I’m in uber smug mode!’

An IQ of 151 is very high. Mensa, a famous organisation for those with the highest IQs in the world, require anything from an IQ score of to join 132 to 148 to join, depending on which (supervised, official) test you take.


Meanwhile, Anne scored 137 on her test, also very high, and Shaun got 96, which is considered an average IQ score.

The other Chasers have not revealed their IQs publicly.

Which Chaser wins the most games?

According to the data experts at fansite One Question Shootout, it’s Anne Hegerty who has notched up the most victories, with a winning 82.4% over the course of 11 years and  350 episodes.

The 61-year-old has also achieved 100% accuracy in 23 episodes of The Chase, as well as the highest amount of clean sweeps, which is when a Chaser manages to not get a single question wrong in the Final Chase.

Second in the rankings and not very far behind is Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha, who is only 0.1% behind her in his winning streak.

Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett comes in third place, followed by Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan in fourth while Wallace is at the bottom of the pack in fifth.

Chaser Darragh ‘The Menace’ Ennis – who joined the show in February 2021 – is not included in the statistics but has already set a record for most consecutive wins with eight victories.

The Chase airs weekdays on ITV at 5pm.

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