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The Circle: Inside Yolanda’s whirlwind wedding just 24 hours before entering the game

The Circle’s Yolanda has opened up about her whirlwind experience on the show – and how it effectively became her honeymoon because she was married less than 24 hours before filming started.

Yolanda and husband Chris tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in Wales less than a day before they made the trip to Salford, Manchester, to film the Channel 4 series.

Speaking exclusively to, Yolanda – who has launched dating service Beautifully Matched since leaving the reality show – has no regrets about skipping out on a honeymoon period in favour of her time in the game, and was fully backed by her new groom for the decision.

She said: ‘We’d only slept, I think three or four hours, and we were straight up driving to Salford to go to The Circle.

‘It was an emotional day – one of us would stop crying and then the other one would start, and then the other one would start again. I think mainly because we were hungover as well – that definitely didn’t help, and the whole thing was just a blur.’

‘We both woke up like, “Oh, let’s [get married] again, it was so much fun! Let’s just do it again, we need to!” It was great,’ she added.

The happy couple only had a few hours before they were separated (Picture: Yolanda/Chris/Plank)

‘I feel like the timing… mine and Chris’s life, you just don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. We’ll always expect the unexpected and nothing’s straightforward.

‘From the moment we’ve met, everything has just been “is that a coincidence? Oh, that’s crazy. I can’t believe that happened!” and now we just got used to it.’

‘When he found out I’d applied for it, Chris was like “oh yeah right whatever, I’ll believe it when I see it”’ she laughed.

Yolanda later entered The Circle as Chris (Picture: Channel 4)
Yolanda played her husband in the game (Picture: Yolanda/Chris/Plank)

‘He’s a slow burner so it was literally the day that he was dropping me up there that he was like, “Oh, you’re actually going”. What do you mean?! I’ve been learning to be a landscaper for the last three months and now you suddenly realise that I’m off?’

While in The Circle, Yolanda was separated from her husband, and instead played as him in a bid to gain popularity with the other players.

When that failed, she was then told to clone another player, and for 48 hours drove real Tally crazy as she impersonated her – and almost got away with it.

Yolanda later had to be Tally’s clone to stir up the game (Picture: Channel 4)

But the plus side to leaving the show early was she was able to return to her groom, despite not winning the series.

‘That is something about us that I love,’ she explained. ‘We do the most spontaneous things but are always so supportive of each other, and some people will be like “you’re mad going away the night after your wedding”, especially when you spend the whole year planning and really stressed, and you’re basically spending your honeymoon apart.

‘But it’s an experience, and we’ve got our whole lives together and we’re going to do this honeymoon one day. We’ve just got s**t to do now and we’re gonna get that done.’

The Circle continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 4.

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