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The Circle: Viewers hit out at James after targeting Billy in savage scenes

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James resorted to dirty tactics measures after becoming an assassin (Picture: Channel 4)

Things are getting heated on The Circle, with former Gladiators star James desperately attempting to save himself at the cost of his fellow players.

James, who is playing as nurse Gemma, was told in Monday’s episode he would become an ‘assassin’ and single someone out to try and get them blocked from the Circle.

He was on a mission to get Billy blocked, or be sent home himself – and he employed dirty tactics from the start.

After being told he had 24 hours to get Billy blocked, James said he could ‘do it in 12’.

The episode started with James trying to get Manrika Khaira and Tally Brattle on side, but Manrika remained very suspicious of his identity.

Things then took another turn, after Billy opened a private chat with Gemma. Trying to use it to his advantage, James said it was a ‘kill or be killed’ situation. Billy also claimed that Dorothy was at the top of his list of suspicions.

My Celebrity Life –

Billy has become a favourite among fans on the show (Picture: PA)

James then spoke to Dorothy and Felix – aka Scott and Natalya – and said it was one of his last chances to get them to doubt Billy.

‘I feel like this is a trap,’ Natalya said after James asked who they suspected of being a catfish, questioning James’s intentions.

James also suggested that Billy is actually his mum to the pair, before telling Dorothy that Billy told him she was on top of his list of suspicions.

‘This is just absolutely going too far,’ James said, adding: ‘I’m throwing everything at them now.’

‘The plot thickens!’ Scott – aka Dorthy – said afterwards.

Then it was time for the ratings, with James saying: ‘Gemma is hanging by a thread.’

After chatting to Billy, Andy also realised that Gemma had been lying to them about him knowing nothing about football in Monday’s episode.

In scandalous scenes, Billy was voted seventh in the popularity ratings. Andy and Manrika were voted the most popular contestants, making them influencers.

But who would they block? Viewers will find out in Wednesday’s show.

Viewers hit out at James for his tactics, taking issue with his devious gameplay at Billy’s expense.

‘Get. Rid. Of. GEMMA!!!’ one viewer said.

‘I feel so bad for Billy cause he’s just been vibing,’ another added.








There are currently nine players left in the Circle, with two eliminated players leaving the game.

Yolanda, who played as her husband Chris was the first to be blocked, only to return moments later for a second chance. Penny – aka father/daughter duo Jamie and Millie – were blocked next, revealing themselves as fake in a goodbye video.

The Circle airs nightly – except Saturdays – at 10pm on Channel 4.

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