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The Crown season 4: Singer Purdy breaks down her cameo in Charles and Diana dance scene – ‘They were meticulous about how we looked’

The Crown season 4 follows Prince Charles and Diana Spencer’s troubled marriage (Picture: Netflix)

The Crown season four covered the important moments of Prince Charles and Diana Spencer’s tumultuous marriage, from their first meeting to their grand, televised wedding.

The hit Netflix drama follows the royal couple, played by Josh O’Connor and Emma Corrin, on their 1983 tour of Australia where they both struggled in their public and personal life.

However a lighter moment comes when Prince Charles and Princess Diana dance together at a charity ball in Sydney, with Charles spinning his bride around the floor. It was their first publicly filmed dance together.

This scene is accompanied by a sultry cover of Frankie Valli’s Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, performed by British pop and jazz singer Purdy.

She credits her friend, vocal coach Sonia Jones, who put her forward to The Crown’s production team with director Julian Jarrold bringing her on board.

Purdy also appears in the episode as one of the performers on stage alongside singers Aimee Hodnett and Kate Parr.

The songwriter, who has had an incredible response to her version of the song, described the mammoth 13 hours spent to create just a couple of minutes of magic, filmed on location London.

‘We needed to be dressed for the part in advance and they were very meticulous about how we looked and making sure we looked as close to the original as possible,’ she told

‘It was fascinating watching [the costumers] work.

‘On the actual filming day we were driven, dressed, to a secret location in London and just spent the day going through the scene over and over again.’

Purdy, centre, covers a Frankie Valli classic in the scene (Picture: Netflix)

Josh O’Connor and Emma Corrin re-enact the royal couple’s publicly filmed dance (Picture: Alex Bailey/Netflix)

Purdy is ‘chuffed’ with the response to her cover (Picture: Halestrom PR)

Purdy would perform the track live in some takes, accompanied by Aimee and Kate on the chorus, and would mime in others so would have to be ‘on the ball the whole time’.

She went on: ‘The girls I worked with, they’re in musical theatre so they were more adept at getting the dance moves.

‘I was sort trying to learn them very quickly because when I sing I don’t tend to have choreographed dance moves, but it was really fun trying not to trip over myself.

‘If they’d asked for backflips I’d have been okay because I do gymnastics! They missed a trick. Maybe in the outtakes!’

Of course Purdy got to see the cast at work as stars Josh and Emma performed the ‘mesmerising’ routine in front of her.

‘I have so much respect for their commitment to those roles’ Purdy told us.

‘It was an endless “cut, go again, cut, go again” and they were just in it. Emma’s dancing in heels. It was the most beautiful thing to watch as they were having so much fun. The day didn’t drag. It was great to see how everybody worked together.’

The Diamond In The Dust singer has dedicated the performance to her dad who used to organise security at all the Royal Palaces.

‘He was a big royalist’ she said, ‘I just think he values the royal family and what it means to the country. It made him feel part of something.’

Although she has had minor acting roles in past, her special moments in The Crown – Purdy’s cover is also played over the end credits of episode six – has encouraged her to ‘do some acting courses and get serious about it’.

‘I’m a sucker for a period drama actually!’ Purdy said.

In the mean time, though, there’s new music on the horizon, with a five-track EP due in the New Year – a different strategy for the singer.

‘You can take two years to release an album and by time you’ve actually released it and everything, it’s passed you by because your brain’s moved on to the next thing,’ she explained.

‘I feel like while it’s alive in me, I want it to be out there.’

The Crown is available to watch on Netflix now.


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