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The Love Trap viewers blast awkward challenge as women take turns spooning David Birtwistle

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David appeared to become increasingly excited as he was spooned (Picture: Channel 4)

The Love Trap viewers have slammed a challenge in the latest episode that saw the women on the show take turns to spoon David Birtwhistle.

On tonight’s instalment of The Love Trap, a new dating series launched by Channel 4 and hosted by comedian Joel Dommett, the women – who are all vying for the attention of David – were tasked with trying to boost his oxytocin levels by each snuggling him on a bed outdoors.

The aim of the show is for David to suss out which of the women are trying to find a genuine romantic connection and which are so-called ‘love traps’ with partners at home, whose sole goal is to leave with a cash prize.

Ahead of the awkward spooning challenge, Joel explained that David would be going on his next date with the person who he was ‘most chemically compatible with, according to science’.

As David lay down on the bed holding onto a monitor with his eyes closed, one by one, the woman joined him, with some licking him, wrapping their legs around him, kissing his neck and biting his ear.

In a VT, Lauren expressed her incredulity over the challenge, saying: ‘I haven’t even met this guy, I haven’t even said hello to him, and I’m going to have to lay down next to him and be the big spoon,’ going on to bite him on the ear when her turn came around.

My Celebrity Life –
Saran ended up winning the challenge (Picture: Channel 4)

Saran went straight in when it was her go, licking David on the arm before being named the eventual winner.

Kelly – who was revealed at the end of the episode to be a love trap with a fiancé in the real world – refrained from getting physical with David, stroking him with some grass instead.

When David later shared his suspicions that she might not be single, she responded: ‘What, ‘cause I didn’t dry hump you? Classy David. F**king hell.’

My Celebrity Life –
David had to choose to eliminate one woman at the end of the episode (Picture: Channel 4)
My Celebrity Life –
Despite trying her best to convince David she was genuine, Kelly – whose real name is Sophie – was axed (Picture: Channel 4)

One viewer said said: ‘#TheLoveTrap can you imagine the uproar if it was guys doing this to one girl or is it just me???’

Someone else reiterated this view by commenting: ‘There would be an outrage if lots of boys were doing that to one girl #TheLoveTrap.’





Another viewer said that they were ‘cringing so hard’ over the challenge, which at one point saw Joel tell Chloe when it was her turn: ‘Slide on in, do whatever you fancy,’ before she chose to nibble on David’s ear.

The Love Trap viewers may recognise David from another show, as he appeared on season one of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle in 2020.

David, who is a fitness aficionado, has garnered a huge following on social media, nearing 1m on Instagram.

The Love Trap returns next Wednesday at 10pm on Channel 4.


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