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The Repair Shop guest in tears as bench where her parents met is restored with sweet gesture

My Celebrity Life –

Guest Janette was left in tears (Picture: BBC)

The latest episode of The Repair Shop has left us all in tears after a guest had the bench where her parents met restored to its former glory, with an added sweet gesture.

Janette Drew and her mother, Margaret Murphy, sought out the expertise of metalwork expert Dominic Chinea, bringing in an old white bench which had stood in Janette’s grandmother’s garden.

She revealed that her parents had met in that garden, and used to sit on the bench together. When her grandmother died, Janette’s father took the bench to remember her by.

Janette revealed that he sadly died unexpectedly, and that she and her mother would love to be able to sit on the bench again to remember them both.

‘I remember it in the 50s when I first met my husband, in his mother’s garden it was,’ Margaret revealed. ‘And we were introduced and we went in the garden and sat on the bench, it was lovely.’

While Dominic had his work cut out for him, he ended up restoring the bench beautifully, and incorporating a plaque with the words ‘The Bagging Bench’ emblazoned on it.

The sweet gesture was after after Janette and Margaret explained that they would use it during breaks from working on their market garden,and had nicknamed it after their work.

My Celebrity Life –

The bench was where Margaret met her husband (Picture: BBC)

My Celebrity Life –

It was restored to its former glory – with a sweet touch (Picture: BBC)

The pair were stunned at the reveal, with Janette left in tears and asking to give Dominic a hug.

‘Oh look at that, it’s gorgeous, it’s absolutely gorgeous,’ Margaret said, with Janette adding: ‘It just reminds me of dad so much and gran.’

‘We can’t thank you enough – it’s like keeping a bit of our family history alive,’ she added.

Viewers were left in pieces over the sweet moment, with one writing: ‘I almost just cried over a plain white bench… A PLAIN WHITE BENCH!??’

My Celebrity Life –

They couldn’t believe the restoration (Picture: BBC)

‘That bench. it may not be worth much in monetary value but to two people it means the absolute world. That’s what makes this so special,’ another added.

One more said: ‘7mins in and I’m crying already.’

You and us both!

It’s definitely not the only time the BBC show has had everyone emotional, after a recent episode saw the team battling to fix the ship-shaped clock a deaf man was gifted by his late grandfather.

Herbert Klein opened up about his emotional bond with his grandfather, who noted his love of ships and gave him a silver clock when he was much younger.

Through a lot of hard work, the team managed to get the clock back to a working condition, leaving Herbert in tears when he returned to the studio.

The Repair Shop airs Wednesdays at 8pm on BBC One.

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