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The Repair Shop viewers over the moon as Suzie finally has saddle with romantic tale to restore

Viewers of The Repair Shop were over the moon to see expert Suzy Fletcher finally get the chance to use her saddle-repair skills on a side-saddle with a romantic backstory.

Master saddler Suzy usually uses her leather restoration skills for other items on the BBC One show, but was finally given a saddle to work her magic on.

Guest Sarah brought a well-worn saddle in, which she had bought second-hand as it reminded her of a past love in Texas.

The now 60-year-old had travelled to the USA to work on a dude ranch for a few weeks in her late 30s, but ended up falling in love with the head wrangler on the ranch.

After returning home to Wales, she decided her destiny lay on the ranch, and ended up flying back out to Texas where she and the cowboy spent the next two years dating.

Despite eventually returning to the UK, the saddle reminded Sarah of the freedom of her younger years, as well as conjuring up images of the ladies that may have used it in the past.

Upon presenting the saddle to Sarah, Suzie was also reminded of the 22 years she spent living in Colorado in the USA.

Viewers were over the moon to see Suzie’s skills put to use, tweeting: ‘Suzie is in her absolute element with this side saddle… it’s going to be a transformation!’





Others added: ‘Suzie’s in her element there with that saddle. Big smile on her face’ and ‘Finally, Suzie, the master saddler has a saddle to work on, can’t wait to see her skills and expertise in restoring the saddle.’

Viewers were also touched by Suzie’s own nostalgic moment, adding: ‘Awwww Suzie very moved by her own connection with Colorado. Amazing saddle work.’

The Repair Shop airs Wednesdays from 8pm on BBC One. 

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