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The Walking Dead: Father Gabriel delivers game-changing blow as faith is pushed to its limits

***Warning: The Walking Dead spoilers ahead***

The Walking Dead’s Father Gabriel may have finally reached breaking point with a killer blow that could throw his bond with Aaron into jeopardy.

The preacher (played by Seth Gilliam) and Aaron (Ross Marquand) headed out on a mission in the latest of season 10’s bonus episodes, One More, in a bid to get supplies for Alexandria.

But instead they crossed paths with a volatile man named Mays (Robert Patrick) who forced them into a dangerous game of Russian Roulette.

Giving them both the option to point the gun at themselves or at each other, Gabriel and Aaron proved they were willing to die for each other as they refuse his game – and even manage to talk about Mays to let them go after his ‘game of Enlightenment’.

Offering him some forgiveness, Gabriel tries to reach out to Mays, telling him it’s not too late to save himself and join the survivors in Alexandria.

My Celebrity Life –
Gabriel makes a decision that could change him as a person (Picture: AMC)
My Celebrity Life –
Mays forces Gabriel and Aaron to test their humanity (Picture: AMC)

He tells him: ‘I know people just like you. We both do. Good people who have been broken by this world. You don’t have to be like this, there is another way.

‘Our community is real. It’s full of people who were lost and found their way back. You can too. We can help you. If you’ll let us.’

After being left hurt and alone after being attacked by his twin brother over food rations, Mays cuts them loose.

But in a bitter twist, the good-hearted Gabriel suddenly batters Mays to death with Aaron’s metal club.

My Celebrity Life –
Gabriel and Aaron’s hunt for supplies ends up pushing them to breaking point (Picture: AMC)

Aaron is clearly left horrified but things only get worse when they discover that in the same house, Mays’ twin brother is still alive – handcuffed and surrounded by his family, who have clearly been dead for a while.

Traumatised from the torture at the hands of Mays, the brother quickly shoots himself in the head after what he’s been forced to endure after being cut loose.

Rather than mourn the innocent loss, he stole the house’s food supplies and walks off.

My Celebrity Life –
Has Gabriel passed a point of no return? (Picture: AMC)

The kill is a massive twist for the father, who has been beginning to lose his humanity.

Speaking about what happened, Seth told Entertainment Weekly: ‘I think he sized [Mays] up from the very beginning as more of a threat than someone that could be trusted in a community behind walls where children are running free and things are shared.

‘I think Gabriel made a decision pretty early on. I don’t think he foresaw having to play Russian Roulette, but I think that just kind of capped it for him, that someone would do that to other people, put other people in that position, is beyond hope.

‘So, Gabriel made an executive decision.’

Ross added to ‘I feel like after this episode there’s a real bonding that occurs, but there’s also now this very uncertain way of looking at each other, especially for Aaron.

‘I think he’s very unsure of the man that he’s come to know over the last several years. Like this new side of Gabriel is quite shocking to air, and I think it’s one that he’s going to have to reconcile moving forward.’

Will they be able to move past it?

The Walking Dead airs Mondays on Fo

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