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Tipping Point presenter Ben Shephard in hysterics as contestant makes hilarious blunders

Tipping Point presenter Ben Shephard couldn’t contain his laughter when a contestant made a series of hilarious blunders on the show.

During the most recent episode of the ITV programme, Joe was one of the four contestants who took part in a bid to win a huge amount of money.

No matter how composed a player on a game show might be when they begin, one would imagine that for some, the pressure can get to their heads.

And that’s exactly what happened to Joe when he answered a couple of extremely simple questions incorrectly, leaving Ben in a fit of giggles.

After beginning the competition confidently, during the quick-fire question round Ben asked Joe: ‘The goldfinch belongs to which winged class of animal?’

Even if a person isn’t a regular bird watcher, the mention of wings would surely prompt many to answer: ‘Birds.’

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Joe remains in high spirits despite his wrong answers (Picture: ITV)

But not Joe, who went in the completely opposite direction, answering: ‘Fish.’

Joe immediately realised his mistake, with Ben cracking up as he continued asking the questions.

Later on in the show, Ben asked Joe: ‘The three US states that begin and end in the letter ‘A’ are Alabama, Alaska and which other?’

Joe appeared to forget the first part of the question – that the state had to begin with the letter ‘A’ – as he offered the answer ‘Florida.’


Despite another moment in the show when he was a bit too quick off the mark dropping his counter in the machine, the contestant still ended up finishing in second place.

‘Thank you so much, Joe. We will remember you for a very long time,’ Ben said as he bid the comedic player farewell.

Several Tipping Point viewers found the series of events extremely entertaining.

‘Just when you thought you’d seen it all on #tippingpoint,’ one person tweeted with a series of cry-laughing emojis.

‘#tippingpoint best contestant ever,’ another said about Joe.

Tipping Point returns today at 4pm on ITV.


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