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WandaVision: Kathryn Hahn reveals ‘imperative’ secret feature of Agatha Harkness costume

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Kathryn Hahn gave a powerhouse performance as Agatha Harkness (Picture: Marvel Studios/Disney)

WandaVision star Kathryn Hahn has revealed a secret feature of her Agatha Harkness costume that she said was an ‘imperative’ aspect of the witch’s final get-up.

When Marvel series WandaVision launched on Disney Plus earlier this year, one of the standout performances came from Bad Moms star Kathryn, who initially bewitched viewers as nosy neighbour Agnes before being revealed as the powerful sorceress Agatha.

Following the startling revelation that it was Agatha pulling the strings all along in Wanda Maximoff’s (Elizabeth Olsen) fake reality, she appeared before the Scarlet Witch in her true form, complete with a medieval-style costume to match her purple magic.

While Kathryn looked like she was made to wear the billowing ensemble, the actor revealed in a recent interview that it wasn’t the most comfortable of outfits, given the extreme heat in California where they were shooting at the time.

As such, a secret device had to be installed underneath the dress to make sure she didn’t overheat.

‘It was very hot. So I had to wear a cooling suit under my costume, which is something that I had never heard of before, but it’s like tubes of cold water,’ Kathryn said.

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Kathryn kept her cool while coping with the heat (Picture: Marvel Studios/Disney)

‘Between takes my amazing costume assistant Beth would squeeze coils of cold water underneath my costume.’

The actor told Insider that she originally turned down the offer of having a cooling suit placed underneath her costume.

However, when she realised how hot it was, with filming taking place around the time of the California wildfires, she changed her mind.

‘There was no way I could have done it without it – it was imperative,’ she recalled.

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The witch’s theme tune ‘Agatha All Along’ became a massive hit (Picture: Marvel Studios/Disney)

Kathryn said that it ‘made me feel a lot better’ to learn that ‘apparently a lot of the Marvel dudes wear it as well’, adding: ‘But yeah there was no way I could have done it without it.’

Acknowledging that it wasn’t the ‘most comfortable’ gown to wear in the blistering heat, she described it as ‘a truly beautiful moment to put on’.

During a recent interview, WandaVision creator Jac Schaeffer explained the sad reason why Evan Peters was cast as Pietro Maximoff, otherwise known as Quicksilver, in the Marvel series.

Pietro was played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Avengers: Age of Ultron, while Evan portrayed a different version of the character – Peter Maximoff – in the X-Men film franchise.

The fifth episode of WandaVision saw Wanda startled by the arrival of the ‘recast’ Pietro, having previously grieved her brother’s death.

‘We had a grief counsellor come to the room, and we did some research on grief, and there’s a lot about how people remember faces and the anxiety about not remembering the faces of your loved ones, that their images fade away, or misremembering, or actively misremembering things as a self-preservation tactic,’ Jac told Empire magazine’s podcast.

WandaVision is available to watch on Disney Plus.

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