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We genuinely do not recognise Claudia Winkleman without her signature fringe in this throwback clip

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Claudia hadn’t adopted her fringe yet in 1996 (Picture: BBC)

We know the word ‘unrecognisable’ is thrown around a lot, but Claudia Winkleman without her signature fringe may as well be a different person.

The Strictly Come Dancing star appeared on Good Morning on the BBC back in 1996 without her usual black heavy fringe, fake tan and eyeliner, and we are rather shook.

In the clip from 25 years ago shared by BBC Archive, Claudia was billed as a chat-up connoisseur during a segment about ‘improving your pulling power’, and sported long brown hair with a wispy side fringe.

While she discussed how women like to be chased and why a woman asking a man for a light means she wants to talk, a then 24-year-old Claudia shunned her preferred 2021 make-up for mascara and lip gloss.

However, soon after this appearance, Claudia adopted her heavy fringe, which has remained her signature look for 20 years.

The 49-year-old explained that she never turned back after getting the chop, telling Good Housekeeping: ‘It started out quite wispy and floaty, but I immediately got my hairdresser to change it for a strong, Lego-like style. Once I saw that I fell in love and haven’t been without it since.


‘I prefer it when I can’t see out of it and have to part it like a curtain.’

While many people see having a fringe has high maintenance due to the upkeep involved, Claudia reckons you need to make less effort when your fringe ‘starts at the back of your head’.

The presenter told Grazia: ‘I love eyeliner, but you don’t even need makeup really. If you’ve got a very heavy fringe, you’re wearing some old, battered, buckled-up boots and you’re holding a book then you’re done. You look like a real life pirate.’

Aside from a brief flirtation with blonde highlights, Claudia has stuck to her dramatic dark cut throughout her time on Strictly, and reckons that it has been beneficial to her career.

She previously said: ‘I genuinely think it’s my fringe that’s given me this career.

My Celebrity Life –

Claudia knows what she likes when it comes to her hair (Picture: PA)

‘In work meetings, people would go “What’s her name? Weird, ditsy little d**khead, oh yeah, the one with the fringe” and that would help me get the job. Other than that, I don’t have an appeal.’

Whether it’s the fringe or not, there’s no doubt that Claudia has become one of the UK’s most beloved presenters.

After six years presenting Strictly’s It Takes Two, she graduated to co-hosting with Tess Daly in 2012 after Bruce Forsyth stepped down.

As well as that, she is the host of Britain’s Best Home Cook, and last year, Claudia took over the Saturday mid-morning slot on BBC Radio 2 from Graham Norton.

And that can’t have had anything to do with her fringe, being radio and all, so we reckon Claudia should give herself more credit.

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