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What to watch on TV this week from Young Royals to The Blood Pact

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If it’s crime you like, you’re in for a treat (Picture: Netflix/ Walter Presents/ BBC)

Need a reminder that your TV is for something other than football?

Don’t worry, there are plenty of excellent offerings coming to your favourite streaming services from this week.

Love Scandi drama? Young Royals has all the intrigue of the Crown.

More into noir than teen drama? Heading a little further south to the Netherlands, Dutch thriller The Blood Pact is back for a gloomy third season.

And fans of true crime won’t want to miss Sophie: A Murder In West Cork, the haunting documentary of a French writer who disappeared in 1996.


Young Royals

My Celebrity Life –

Prince Wilhelm’s antics are one to watch (Picture: Netflix)

The scandals and squabbles of our real-life royals not dramatic enough for you?

Then get ready for Young Royals, a Swedish drama which unites (or tries to) the majesty of The Crown with the adolescent sexual yearning of Elite, Euphoria and a hundred other teen dramas that explore the mysteries of raging teenage hormones.

Edvin Ryding stars as Prince Wilhelm (don’t call him Wills), heir to the Swedish throne but a touch too, ahem, wayward for his parents’ liking.

So they pack him off to a posh school, where he does lots of rowing with the chaps. Yes, you can see where this is going…

Available tomorrow.

Sophie: A Murder In West Cork

My Celebrity Life –

Are we close to uncovering what really happened to Sophie Toscan du Plantier? (Picture: Netflix)

It’s been a while since we found ourselves absorbed by a real-life murder mystery but although this one only comes with three episodes, it’s got all the ingredients to draw you in.

The unfortunate victim at the centre of events is the lavishly named Sophie Toscan du Plantier, a French writer and producer found murdered near her remote house in southern Ireland in 1996.

As the investigation deepens, what emerges is the engrossing story of a curious double life.

Available today.

BBC iPlayer

Bad Influencer: The Great Insta Con

My Celebrity Life –

Insta vs reality goes to a whole new level in the drama (Picture: BBC/Andrew Henshaw Photography)

The internet has given us many things but the shocking story of Belle Gibson, an Australian who spun an intricate web of deceit via the miracle of social media, is not its proudest moment.

Self-styled wellness guru Gibson built a big following and a healthy business on the back of relating how she was able to manage the multiple cancers she was suffering thanks to a smorgasbord of alternative therapies.

The trouble is, the cancer bit was all made up. A fascinating, if depressing, story.

Available today.

Walter Presents

The Blood Pact

My Celebrity Life –

Political intrigue is spiraling out of control in The Blood Pact (Picture: Walter Presents)

The murky worlds of high finance and politics intertwine in this Dutch thriller, now in a third season, which follows the doomed efforts of money man Hugo (Barry Atsma) to forge a legit career.

Come what may, our Hugo is plunged into dirty dealings involving politicians, tax authorities and the criminal fraternity. How he must yearn for a quiet day at the office.

Available Sunday.

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