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Wheel of Time: Will there be a series 2? Cast, release date and everything we know

Egwene and Rand’s tale becomes even more complex by the finale (Picture: Amazon)

Warning: spoilers ahead for The Wheel of Time series 1.

With the series finale of The Wheel of Time now out, fans are already wondering whether the fantasy is set to return for more episodes.

The Amazon Prime Video TV show, which includes Rosamund Pike and Daniel Henney in its star-studded cast, is based on the book series by Robert Jordan.

The first series follows the journey of Moiraine (Rosamund), a member of the Aes Sedai, an organisation of women with the ability to tap into the One Power, a form of magic.

Moiraine seeks out five young people, as she believes one of them is the prophesied Dragon Reborn, who has the power to defeat the Dark One.

So is the drama due to return?

Will there be another season of Wheel of Time?

Not only has season two of The Wheel of Time been confirmed, but it is already in the works.

Will the entire group make it back in the end? (Picture: Amazon)

The renewal of the fantasy show was announced in May this year, before the first batch of episodes were released on Amazon Prime Video.

The second season then began filming in July this summer, four months before the first episode’s premiere.


To mark the occasion, The Wheel of Time’s official Twitter account shared a picture online of a clapperboard to indicate that the first day of shooting had commenced.

It’s believed the production is due to finish in February 2022.

Who is in the cast?

Several actors leading the ensemble cast will be returning for series two, including Rosamund as Moiraine, Daniel as her Warder Lan, Zoë Robins as Nynaeve, Madeleine Madden as Egwene, Josha Stradowski as Rand and Marcus Rutherford as Perrin.

Lan has a special bond with Moiraine, as her Warder (Picture: Sony/Amazon/Jan Thijs)

While Barney Harris played Mat in season one, the character has been recast in season two, with Dónal Finn taking over the role for future episodes.

Several new cast members for the second season include Ceara Coveney, Natasha O’Keeffe and Meera Syal.

What’s the plot of The Wheel of Time series 2?

During a recent interview, showrunner Rafe Judkins opened up about what fans can expect in season two, especially with regards to Moiraine and Lan.

Speaking to, he outlined how in the second book, Moiraine and Lan ‘have almost nothing to do’, despite Rosamund and Daniel being ‘number one and two on the call sheet’.

Moiraine will likely have to deal with the loss of her powers in season two (Picture: Amazon Prime Video)

Stating that you ‘can’t really sideline’ the two actors, they examined how they could explore the progression of their relationship, after Moiraine is supposedly stripped of her power by the Dark One.

‘Hopefully, we set them up in a place at the end of season one that will really take that chapter of what they have to do in book two, and make you feel like there’s a whole season worth of story of their relationship in there, and Moiraine putting back the pieces of who she really is,’ he said.

As for the other characters, at the end of season one, Rand realised that he was the Dragon Reborn, seemingly destroying the Dark One when he came up against him face to face.

However, rather than return to his friends after their altercation, Rand decides to set off on his own, fearing that he may go mad and become a danger to those he cares about most.

It’s assumed that we will learn more about his lineage, after watching the scene where his mother gave birth to him on a battlefield before his adoptive father took him in as his own.

Egwene and Nynaeve may continue their journey to study to become Aes Sedai at The White Tower, while Perrin will be left grappling by the realisation that Padan Fain is a Darkfriend who betrayed them.

Despite leaving the rest of the group behind, Mat arrives on his own at the Borderlands, presumably still being influenced by his temptation towards darkness.

The Wheel of Time is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.


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