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Why Danica Taylor is anything but your typical bombshell – our Love Island body language expert explains all

Danica Taylor set the cat amongst the pigeons from the moment she entered the villa – but is there another side to her? (Picture: ITV)

Things are well and truly heating up on Love Island now – we’ve had exes entering the villa, recouplings galore, and some fiery bombshells.

The latest curveball thrown into the mix was Danica Taylor, who set fireworks off right from her entrance last week when she coupled up with Luca Bish, knowing full well he’s into Gemma Owen.

Viewers at home weren’t necessarily impressed with Luca’s reaction, branding him ‘rude’, despite the recoupling coming as a huge shock to both him and Gemma.

However,’s resident body language expert Judi James doesn’t think Danica is your typical Love Island bombshell. She told us why for this week’s Love or Lie Island.

‘I almost feel that Danica is more like an avatar than a real-life character so far, brought in for two reasons: firstly to re-activate Gemma or Paige with some dramatic “jealousy” plotlines and secondly to stir Ekin-Su back into avatar action in case she dares to settle down with Jay rather than spreading her own dramas thicker than smashed avo on sourdough,’ she began.

Judi added that, while our chaotic queen Ekin-Su seemed to get the message straight away, after eyeing Danica for a while, she leapt into action again.

Is there more to Danica than meets the eye? (Picture: ITV)

‘This involved her dragging the emotional husk that is Davide off for probably the grimmest, “How are you feeling?” chat of the season as she tried to tell him she still cared about him before asking what he thought of the man she screwed him over for,’ said Judi.

While Ekin-Su might be stirring the pot inside the villa, she makes great telly, with Judi branding her a ‘brilliant Love Island avatar’ who is ‘designing and producing her own soap opera scenes in there as well as writing her own scripts and directing the others like actors in her own scenes.’

‘Her tears need some work and she is clearly arousing the suspicions of some of the more canny islanders like Indiyah, but she’s clearly ramping up the viewing figures. And now Danica has come in to play tag.’

However, the body language expert reckons it will be hard for the other islanders to cope with both these women.

Body language expert Judi James doesn’t think Danica is your typical Love Island bombshell (Picture: Instagram)

‘”Reality” shows like this are different from reality shows without the inverted commas. When you watch a fellow contestant who is clearly acting, you don’t know whether you’re supposed to pretend to believe them or act cynical and even call them out.

‘It can lead to second-guessing what the producers want. Which is why some of the girls acted supportive and nurturing to Ekin-Su after her argument with David and some just sat there looking suspicious and cynical.

‘Hopefully some islanders will want to wait until Danica has done her duty in there and tried to split some of the bonded couples up before checking out her real personality as she starts to settle down.’

Perhaps most interestingly, Judi finds Danica difficult to read in some respects, suggesting that she isn’t the sort of bombshell we’re used to seeing on our screens.

Could more big rows with Ekin-Su lie ahead? (Picture: ITV)

‘Her current persona is full of incongruent signals. She’s been brought in as a “bombshell” but she doesn’t use body language flirt signals as obvious as previous bombshells.

‘Her hair isn’t being thrown around and she doesn’t smile a lot. She’s adopted a more demanding and dominant pose and most of her approaches to the boys tends to be verbal and challenging. But all that slid away when she looked genuinely shocked that people kiss on the first date.’

She adds that some of Danica’s comments sound somewhat ironic, after she told Gemma that she is ‘not here to severely piss you off’ and said that she’s ‘a people person’ after ‘entering a very tight social group to try to rip it apart’.

‘But does she get the irony?’, Judi questions?

It remains to be seen whether there’s more to Danica than it seems on the surface, as the possibility of big rows brews, like the one between Ekin-Su and Amber after they accused one another of ‘playing a game’.

But, Judi trusts that Ekin-Su will pick the baton back up and lead the drama, hopefully allowing Danica to show her more intelligent and warmer side and start making friends in the villa.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2. Watch the full episode of Love or Lie Island here with new epodes dropping every Thursday.

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