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Piers Morgan’s comparison of Covid to fighting Nazis in WWII branded ‘grossly offensive’

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Piers has shared his two cents on ‘freedom day’ (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV)

Piers Morgan has divided followers after comparing the Covid-19 pandemic to WWII and the fight against the Nazis.

The former Good Morning Britain presenter was responding to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s latest coronavirus update in which he said the country was on track to relax remaining social distancing measures for July 19, dubbed ‘freedom day’.

The prime minister’s new five-point plan marks a step away from legal restrictions as people will be allowed to make personal choices on coronavirus safety, including the wearing of masks.

Sharing his two cents on the matter, Piers wrote on Monday evening: ‘So, to summarise: we’re steaming ahead to covid ‘freedom’ on July 19 as cases & hospitalisations are accelerating again & just 1/3 of us have been fully vaccinated [later corrected to 1/2]. Boris Johnson is taking yet another massive gamble in this pandemic – and none of his other gambles worked.’

Asked what he would suggest instead, Piers replied he ‘wouldn’t be relaxing restrictions any further until this wave has peaked and the case/hospitalisation numbers are coming down fast not going up fast’, adding he preferred the ‘relative freedom’ the country has as opposed to what he suggested may be another lockdown should cases rise again, which followed newly-released papers from the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) urged ministers to keep ‘baseline measures’ in place including face masks and working from home.

Then, comparing the fight against Covid-19 to World War Two, Piers went on: ‘Can you imagine Twitter half way through WW2?’


Imitating a certain subset, he continued: ‘”I’m f***ing done with Hitler and the Nazis impinging on my liberty, so let’s stop f***ing fighting them right now and pretend they’re not there any more. I want my f***ing freedom back.”‘

When a follower challenged the former tabloid journalist on whether there was a vaccine made to fight the nazis, Piers quipped: ‘Yes, it was called Winston Churchill.’

Another slammed his message on behalf of those who died in WWII, as Piers replied: ‘Covid’s killed far more civilians in the UK than WW2, and caused far greater loss of liberty.’

While the journalist was supported by followers who found it represented the ideology of those who were done with the pandemic restrictions, others dubbed his comparison an ‘insult’.

Ben Kew wrote: ‘I’m sure many of the victims of WWII and particularly the Holocaust would find that comparison to be grossly offensive.’

Others disagreed with his sentiment, as one replied: ‘If you’re going down ww2 analogy. People got on with life as best as they could.

‘If we had dealt with ww2 the same way we’d dealt with covid we’d have signed a peace treaty with Hitler as soon as it became obvious we were losing France.’

Another baffled follower quipped: ‘Ffs to even think about comparing the two events let alone tweet it.’

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