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Hugo Hammond shares upset over unaired Love Island scenes: ‘It’s a shame’

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Love Island star Hugo Hammond shared upset over unaired scenes Picture: ITV)

Hugo Hammond has opened up about the important moments on Love Island that didn’t get shown, regarding his disability.

The PE teacher was born with clubfoot and made history when he became the first contestant in the cast with a physical disability.

While the huge platform was a major factor in his decision to appear on the series, the 25-year-old explained that it was a ‘shame’ that conversations about the condition didn’t make it on the episodes.

Speaking to, he told us: ‘Before I went in the show, it was very much in the press that I was the first physically disabled Islander.

‘It’s part of why I got involved in the show, because I wanted to try and make that more mainstream, and make people who do have disabilities or do have impairments [know] that it can be mainstream, it doesn’t need to hold you back in any scenario.

‘But it never got played on the show. I had these conversations with the Islanders about my journey growing up and what it was like living with my feet the way they are, my participation in sport and activities, and still doing what everyone else did. It’s a real shame that didn’t get shown.

‘I’m not sure really why it didn’t, but it just didn’t get played across. It’s a shame because I feel like it’s a great opportunity for good to happen.

‘I just think ITV maybe missed out, they could have done good for a lot of people there. It was a shame but I’m sure they had their reasons.’

Hugo revealed that he wanted to use his platform on the dating series to represent others who are often not shown on screen – something that he is looking to do more now he has returned home from the Love Island villa.

Despite his clubfoot condition getting little airtime, he is hoping to make more TV appearances in the future and wants to make physical activity more ‘accessible’ for everyone.

‘I’d like to think that I could have been a role model. That’s the plan for now, as well,’ he added. ‘To be out there and represent, show people that it can be mainstream and that nothing needs to hold you back. You can do what everyone else can do.

‘My disability side didn’t get shown on the show but with the end goal, I’d love to be a disability ambassador for sport, fitness and wellbeing.

‘I’d love to just be a positive influence in that market, in that niche, as well as just the world.

‘So small ambitions, we’re making baby steps every day.’

Love Island is available to stream on ITVHub now.


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