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Loose Women’s Linda Robson shocks co-stars as she spectacularly drops F-bomb live on air

Loose Women star Linda Robson accidentally broke the ultimate rule of daytime TV when she swore during Thursday’s edition of the ITV lunchtime show.

Live TV is known for having to frequently contest with blunders and the odd mishap as things don’t always run so smoothly.

But the latest episode of Loose Women saw quite the moment when Linda uttered ‘f***’ after not realising the cameras were rolling.

The Birds of a Feather star emerged from behind-the-scenes to explain the latest competition, in which £1million is up for grabs.

However, the presenter made a slip-up, using some very colourful language when she became confused during the segment.

‘They’ve left me in charge of the prize, can you believe it?’ Linda said.

Linda emerged onto set after swearing during the competition segment (Picture: ITV)

Pushing a trolley into the studio from backstage, she continued: ‘This is it. It’s £1million right here in this trolley. It came straight from the ITV bank account this morning.’

But Linda was having a bit of trouble as she came back to set, and questioned: ‘How the f**k do I look at it?’

Her fellow panellist let out audible screams at the comment, leading her to ask: ‘Are we live on air?!’

Brenda couldn’t deal with the moment (Picture: ITV)

Host Charlene White remained ever the professional, and stepped in to apologise.

She exclaimed: ‘Apologies, apologies, I would like to apologise for Linda’s language, she knows she’s done wrong!

‘I think Linda has forgotten we are live on air, Linda would you like to continue and apologise?’

Linda agreed she wanted to continue after her major blip, as co-star Brenda Edwards struggled to stop laughing.

Luckily viewers saw the funny side of the incident, with one writing: ‘I keep watching that clip of Linda. That’s pretty much everyone’s nan where I live #LooseWomen.’

Another said: ‘#LooseWomen Oooh potty mouth Linda forgets she’s live on air.’

‘Have I just rewound #LooseWomen to rewatch Linda again? Yes. Do I need to get out more? Yes,’ commented a fan.

A Twitter user joked: ‘Linda Robson is Nan from Catherine Tate show!  #LooseWomen.’

Loose Women airs weekdays from 12.30pm on ITV.


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