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Nish Kumar calls himself ‘brown Laurence Fox’ and makes light of BBC cancellation as Late Night Mash returns

Nish Kumar is back with Late Night Mash (Picture: Dave)

Nish Kumar’s newly revamped Late Night Mash proved to be even more near the knuckle than The Mash Report as he returned with the new show on Dave.

The new show came back with a bang with Nish dubbing himself the ‘brown Laurence Fox’, not due to similarities between him and the controversial actor, but just because he thinks Laurence would ‘really hate’ the comparison.

He told the audience: ‘Welcome to Late Night Mash, like the Taliban, despite popular demand we are back.

‘Yes, that’s right, I’m Nish Kumar and I was cancelled by the BBC. And like everyone that’s been “cancelled” I got a new television show on a different channel and I’m more unapologetic than ever.

‘Think of me as the brown Laurence Fox, not because we are similar but mainly because I think he would really hate that.’

The comedian, 36, also made light of the fact The Mash Report was cancelled by the BBC before making its return this week on the channel Dave with a new name.


Of course, Dave wasn’t spared a bit of a roasting too, as amid his monologue he joked: ‘It is a pleasure to be here though normally BBC shows actually end up on Dave without having to be cancelled first.

‘But we’re really looking forward to making a success of this show on Dave, by which I mean being on Channel 4 in two years time.’

Late Night Mash’s predecessor, The Mash Report, first began in 2017 and was inspired by satirical website The Daily Mash.

The original version ran for four series and last aired in April and May last year, with its cancellation being announced in March 2021.

A BBC spokesperson said at the time: ‘We are very proud of The Mash Report but in order to make room for new comedy shows we sometimes have to make difficult decisions and it won’t be returning.

The Mash Report was cancelled by the BBC earlier in the year (Picture: BBC)

‘We would like to thank all those involved in four brilliant series and hope to work with Nish Kumar, Rachel Parris and the team in the future.’

The show was quickly picked up by UKTV’s Dave and will consist of eight one-hour long episodes as well as a best bits compilation.

Nish told Radio Times: ‘Everybody has jumped at the chance to come back. I think that speaks to either the deep, abiding affection and professional respect we all have for each other, or the fact that we’re all fundamentally unemployable.’

He added: ‘Around February, [producer] Chris Stott called me and said, “Dave have been in contact with Zeppotron about possibly doing Mash again – would you be up for it?” I didn’t have anything else to do, so I said yes.’

Late Night Mash airs on Dave from 10pm on Wednesdays.


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